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Instant Satisfunction  reviewed by Ed Pinsent / soundprojector

Rioteer / Urbanfailure / Gotharman / Axiomid, Instant Satisfunction, Slovakia, Urbsounds Collective, CD 26 (2012)

Four acts come together to release this set of sixteen beats-dominated rhythmscapes ranging in sound from techno, noise and industrial-lite to abstraction and experimental rhythm-based sound art. The whole recording can be a bewildering experience and an exercise in holding your mind together as it struggles with the influx of brutal and often punishing technoid music soundtracks. The music moves with an inhuman machine-like spirit created from the incessant repeating beats, chattering tones and murky rhythms that when combined together must achieve some level of self-awareness and conscious purpose. It reaches out to make contact with the nearest carbon-based life-form – which happens to be the unwary listener who thinks this recording is just going to be another compilation of club-friendly break-beat hardcore techno stuff. 

Instant Satisfunction

INSTANT SATISFUNCTION reviewed by Stephen Fruitman for igloomag.com

Water and wine or oil and water? It swishes around—each artist has at least one very strong, very memorable track, but swallowed whole, all the ingredients of Instant Satisfunction blend tastily.


INSTANT SATISFUNCTION reviewed by Niels Mark for Vital Weekly

Wauuvv, this is absolutely amazing! Having reviewed for Vital Weekly in fifteen years I rarely put my ears to albums that surprises me with new un-heard sounds, however this compilation really does it. The works of this compilation is first of all beat-driven and quite abrasive in expression. Heavily distorted and blasting beats in upfront aggressive soundspheres is the overall style here. Some tracks belongs to the technoid scene with elements of idm-atmospheres where others and that is the main part belongs to the power noise however the expression is not only a question of brutality. Best way to describe the styles of the sixteen contributions is something in-between break core and power noise but in many of the works the beat-patterns are so complex and otherworldly strange that it makes me think of a style termed progressive noise - (does this term exist?). The rhythm textures here are so complex working on several levels and overwhelming that it makes you lie down and just consume this wave of upfront beat-driven noise. Yes, progressive noise must be the term to describe this masterpiece of a compilation from the Slovakian label Urbsounds. I advice everyone interested in adventurous sonic brutality to keep a close on the four acts represented here: Rioteer, Urbanfailure, Axiomid and Gotharman. Especially Rioteer and his two contributions "From better times" and "Sphere collider" are absolutely mind blowing stuff. This might be the noise-acts of the future. Awesome!! (NM)

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