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Instant Satisfunction ~ OUT NOW!
Instant Satisfunction ~ soon OUT!
4 way split in old fashion with new nasty trash tunes by  Rioteer Urbanfailure Gotharman and Axiomid will bring you instant satisfunction. available NOW on limited hand printed cd or tape in metal box or via download. Core - beats - noises released by [/] as release no. 26

following tapes brands/types are available:

Basf CR-M II - 4 pcs.

Maxell UR - 4 pcs.

Basf LH - 1 pc.

Maxell XL II - 1 pc.

Sony HF - 1 pc.

Basf Ferro Extra I - 1 pc.

Fuji DR - 2 pcs.

Philips Super Ferro - 1 pc.

Philips FSX - 1 pc.

TDK SA - 1 pc.

Raks ED-SX 1 pc.

instant satisfunction tapes

price for cd or tape in metal box is 10eur - post paid included


INSTANT SATISFUNCTION reviewed by Niels Mark for Vital Weekly

Wauuvv, this is absolutely amazing! Having reviewed for Vital Weekly in fifteen years I rarely put my ears to albums that surprises me with new un-heard sounds, however this compilation really does it. The works of this compilation is first of all beat-driven and quite abrasive in expression. Heavily distorted and blasting beats in upfront aggressive soundspheres is the overall style here. Some tracks belongs to the technoid scene with elements of idm-atmospheres where others and that is the main part belongs to the power noise however the expression is not only a question of brutality. Best way to describe the styles of the sixteen contributions is something in-between break core and power noise but in many of the works the beat-patterns are so complex and otherworldly strange that it makes me think of a style termed progressive noise - (does this term exist?). The rhythm textures here are so complex working on several levels and overwhelming that it makes you lie down and just consume this wave of upfront beat-driven noise. Yes, progressive noise must be the term to describe this masterpiece of a compilation from the Slovakian label Urbsounds. I advice everyone interested in adventurous sonic brutality to keep a close on the four acts represented here: Rioteer, Urbanfailure, Axiomid and Gotharman. Especially Rioteer and his two contributions "From better times" and "Sphere collider" are absolutely mind blowing stuff. This might be the noise-acts of the future. Awesome!! (NM)

INSTANT SATISFUNCTION reviewed by Stephen Fruitman for igloomag.com

Water and wine or oil and water? It swishes around—each artist has at least one very strong, very memorable track, but swallowed whole, all the ingredients of Instant Satisfunction blend tastily.
Four-way split between dark beat acts Rioteer, Urbanfailure, Gotharman and Axiomid available in three different formats, including a spiffy round metal box. Smart stuff from the get-go, starting with the talon-dragging guitar of Gotharman’s prescient “The Storm is Coming” and a sweet Mama Cass sample machine-gunned full of holes by Rioteer on “From Better Times.”
Since all four acts (three Slovak and one Dutch, if not mistaken) come at you in bursts and all a-tangle, it can take some time to sort the bodies out, although Rioteer seems to favour the most rapidly-firing beats, with irregular ambient excursions as contrast. As his name would suggest, Urbanfailure is the dystopist of the quartet—track titles include “Decay Ready” and “Progress to Decline.” Jerryrigging broken machinery, he telegraphs repetitive messages of distress before they have a chance to break down for good. Gotharman’s tracks are squidgy and screwy and buzzy, video game soundboards over which someone poured a sugary soft drink. His “BloodChain” sounds like a wacky remix of The Residents. Axiomid offers fragmentary, baroque scenic collages, bad newsreels from the last war and the new war on its way. In the midst of all the shouting, his relatively unassuming “On Attack!” is soberly insidious.
Water and wine or oil and water? It swishes around—each artist has at least one very strong, very memorable track, but swallowed whole, all the ingredients of Instant Satisfunction blend tastily.