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Jamka 2012 Phot: by Peter Homola 
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Happy to announce that Jamka's new album "INTER ALIA" is out!
Listen and grab your own copy of the vinyl or get the digital version here

Jamka Inter Alia album
Jamka Inter Alia albumJamka Inter Alia album

Jamka will be playing a concert at EvenSalon: either/or event



Jamka will be playing 4 concerts as a part of their CZ / SK mini tour (13/11 - 21/11 2015)

Jamka CZ SK mini tour

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Jamka will be playing at Visegrad Stage @ Pohoda Festival (Friday / 5pm - 6pm)

Jamka will be playing at FUGA / Bratislava (Wednesday 8th of June)

 - - - - - - - - -

Jamka will be playing some of its new tunes in Camden Town / London come along!


Jamka track Wild Rose Trees on the latest Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music compilation

We are happy to announce that our track Wild Rose Trees appears on the newly released Anthology of Noise and & Electronic Music #7

Read more ...


8 May 2013 :: Jamka live at Festival CABLE#6 Nantes, France


Cable Festival Nantes


6 May 2013 :: Jamka live at Hydroacoustics London, UK

7 April 2013 :: Jamka live at MOR HO! night


Our new Jamka T-shirts have arrived now!

Would you like one?

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Jamka at Vlna nazivo 2012 Jamka in Trencin

Jamka will be playing two concerts in Slovakia: Trencin on Saturday 17th November and at Vlna Festival, Monday 20th NOvember. We are really looking froward to it! So perhaps see you there...


More info here

Jamka in Gluerooms outside of Goldmith

Daniel will be playing short squares at The Workshop Series concert in Cafe Oto on Monday 29th October at 8pm.


More info here

Jamka in Gluerooms outside of Goldmith

Jamka will be playing short squares and punchy beats in front of the Goldsmith College Library

The Gluerooms presents Noise on Noise  Part of the New-X-ing Performance Relay Event at Goldsmiths College, London: "Five noise musicians go head to head with what was once voted the the noisiest road in the UK." It's open air and it starts at 7:00pm. If you fancy a dance to Jamka come along. The stage is located outside the entrance to Goldsmiths Library on the corner of Lewisham Way and Dixon Road. For more info about NewXing event click here. More info about the gig here


14 July 2012 :: Jamka playing at The White Building Weekend

6 July 2012 :: Jamka playing at Noise Corruption


This is going to be the first Noise Corruption London party to celebrate a night of horrific Live Noise artists and DJ's.


Union, 66 Goding Street, Vauxhall, London, SE11 5AW
Time: 22:00 until 07:00

£6 on the door all night...

Live sets:
Roger Rotor - rhythmic noise
Killabomb - brutal mashup breaks
Jamka - modular synth electronics
The Digitariat - working man's power electronics
Jahiz - microtonal midi tape tape loops
DJ's sets:
noise / speedcore / industrial / breakcore / hardcore / gabber
DJ Pete
Mark Pitchless
Meus Deus    (Pokora SS)
belliDJarunt    Pitchless
Atman     (Pokora SS)
Mindhunter    (Rigormortis)

Jamka - X years podcast + new track
We have had the pleasure to put together a podcast for Eastern Daze. We approached it as an assortment of our sounds spanning over a period of the last ten years. When listening to them you will not find any chronological order in the way they follow. Instead the individual tracks were arranged so that they relate to each other sonically and in their attitude. The podcast delivers 12 tracks overall and includes a bonus in the form of a lost and recently found song Jopra recorded in Bratislava in 2002. This track is now available as a free digital download:


To listen to the podcast, just click on the link below:


We hope you like it ;]

We will be playing at Moon People Disco.
We will be playing in Dalston at Moon People Disco event held in very nice venue, the one worth to see. So come along and dance to the moon (with us). 

Jamka at Moon People Disco


New Video and Upcoming Concerts

We are really pleased to share with you our new video for the track Krop from our latest CD Pari Passu . This video was made by our dear friend Radim Labuda (http://radimradim.org ) and we hope you like it as much as we do ;-) 

Next week we will be playing a series of three concerts in Czech Republic:

11-04-2012 (Wed): Brno / Multiplace Network Festival
12-04-2012 (Thu): Ostrava / Dum Umeni
13-04-2012 (Fri): Opava / Gottfrei

Review of Jamka / Pari Passu CD in the SME daily
We have just found out that the Slovakian daily SME published a review of our CD this morning. Many thanks for this! The review is available here.
Jamka Live on 16 March

We will by playing a gig on Friday 16 March in Dalston and you all are welcome to come and join us for the night. The event is called You See Art/I See Clay and will be held in a new venue called Power Lunches. We have not been to this venue yet but have a feeling it will be a nice one. It is an arts café, a rehearsal studio and also a concert place. You can find out more details about it here. The night starts at 8pm and we will share the stage with Jose Macabra and The Murder Act. For more details, just check out this link

Upcoming tour
We will be playing few concerts in Czech Republic during our "short 'n' short" tour. The dates for those shows can be seen here. If you would like to organize a gig for us, please get in touch. These dates are available: 6-10 April and Saturday 14 April.
Review of Pari Passu in Breakaplate
Nice to find out about another Pari Passu review on Breakaplate. For more reviews on Pari Passu go here.
Hladina Hlada - new video!

What a lovely start of the day this morning. We have just found out about this nice video our friend Huba made to our song Hladina Hlada.  We like it a lot! Many thanks again to Huba and also many thanks to our friend Antonio for making the footage.



Urbsounds Collective on the Slovak TV


As part of our Urbsounds Collective we were interviewed for the Slovak TV programme called Umenie. This was during our trip to Slovakia and we were just in the studio working on a new project. We have only now found out that the show was broadcast in November. Luckily it is still available on the web to watch. "Our bit" starts in minute 5 and it's in Slovak. You can watch it here >>>    



New reviews of Jamka's Pari Passu album by Ed Pinset and OndÅ™ej Klimeš. Many thanx! >>>    


Jamka's track "Elma" from the Pari Passu CD was played by John Allen on wfmu.org radio. The playlist can be found here  >>> 


Nice to find out that Prokop Holoubek (Midi Lidi) made Jamka's Pari Passu number one in his top-ten CZ/SK albums of the year 2011. Read more >>>    


You can now download Jamka's Pari Passu album from iTunes >>>    


On 2 December Jamka will relocate to the south of the river and do a show on Resonance FM

Jamka at The Sound Projector Radio show at ResonanceFM

We have been invited by our friend Ed Pinsent to join his weekly radio show and play and talk about the music we like. Ed's show is called the Sound Projector and is dedicated to new music, sound-art, noise, and certain surprising combinations. It broadcasts live from London on Resonance 104.4 FM every Friday, 5.30pm-7pm (UK time). Webstreaming is available from the Resonance website . In case you are not able to tune in and would like to listen to the show, you can listen to the podcast from the Sound Projector website (the podcast of the show is attached to its playlist as soon as possible).   


1 December>> Jamka live for ILL FM









We will be playing a short set for IllFM Radio at the Others (London Stoke Newington) on Thursday 1 December.

ILL FM radio  broadcasts from The Others gallery in Stoke Newington on the first Thursday of the month, . The show focuses on live music and performance from a broad range of Industrial, Experimental, Noise and Electronic artists and occasionally live bands. This will be the last of their regular events at The Others. Soooo, tune out, drop in! The entry is free and it all starts at 8pm and finishes at midnight.


Some thoughts about our Pari Passu CD on blog.monsieurdelire

"Number 10 in Sub Rosa’s “New Series Framework.” Jamka is a duo from Slovakia, though now residing in London. Pari Passu is their fourth album, and it is quite remarkable. Using synthesizers, sequencers and samplers, Monika Subrtova and Daniel Kordik are building bold compositions borrowing from kosmische musik, krautrock, Gothic techno, industrial, and noise music. Repetitive melodies, haphazard beats, wild flurries of noise – this album has it all and puts it all together, letting the listener draw meaning from the heap. Think Emeralds without the psychedelia, or a less self-centred Oneohtrix Point Never."
by blog.monsieurdelire




Our Urbsounds Collective will be celebrating its 10th birthday on Saturday 12 November. Please, come and join us if you can! Will also take take advantage of this great day and use it as an opportunity to officially launch our still hot CD Jamka - Pari Passu (one more reason to come and have a festive toast ;-) ) For more information please watch this space .

jamka pari passu



  Jamka - Pari Passu OUT NOW


We are pleased to let you know that our new CD Pari Passu is out now! Hurrah!! It has been released by SUB ROSA as part of their New Series Framework. To find out more about the CD and to listen to the individual track samples just click here ;-)


Our new recording has been finalized. (huh) Pari Passu is its name, but still needs to get the mastering touch, and and and .... More news to come...

Curently strugling with our free time but ... we are in the process of recording our new album and hopefully everything will be recorded by the end of the year.

We have just returned from Prague where we played at Stimul Festival. For all of those who would like to listen to the interview Monika has done for the Czech WAVE radio

We have started working on the new compositions for our two forthcoming shows in London and Prague. Also, there are some ideas about our new recording popping out, we've already done some test samples, but there's still long way to go...  (d/)

We will be playingKlub V.E.B. in Stockwell (South London) on Friday of May 14th.

We will be joining another noise=noise 18event, this time in Peckham (South London).The event will be on Sunday 25th of April. The theme is Hypnotic, Horroric, etc...  It is gonna be rather short & slow sound production. More info is coming soon...

Daniel will be playing short set with my friend Ben - the drummer in Dalston (London) this Saturday (17/04/2010). This is gonna be the leaving party for Sarah, who is leaving London. I guess the main act is gonna be Shimmy Rivers And And Canal. Please contact us for more details. (d/)
We will be joining Wolf Eyes and Ruinu at Stimul Festival in Prague on20th of May 2010.Looking forward to it!! *Jamka na Prazskom Stimule 20/05/2010* Ak by ste mali chut omajznut svoje uchale poriadnym chilli lekvarom od kucharov Wolf Eyes, Ruinu a nas, tak sa pridte pozriet do Prazskeho divadla Archa 20/05/2010! Viac info tu 

Jamka at Noise=Noise 17, this Saturday 13/03/2010 ... and it is still happening in the good old Foundry (!!)

Daniel will be performing on 04/12/2009 in Bratislava at Next Festival as a part of an ensemble: SNOWQUEEN / SMRT ARISTOKRACIE

Dear all! After having completed the series of rehearsals with choir, orchestra and metal section I will be playing in "Pasie Stefana H." this Sunday 04/10/2009. You are all very much welcome to join this one hour performance which is a part of Anasoft Litera Festival. For more details please see the flayer attached or click on: http://www.anasoftlitera.sk/

We will be joining the line up at Ill Fm radio show up in Stoke Newington, this thursda: 03/09/2009 Come and Join us at the Others or listen to us from your sofa here >>

This is gonna be really exciting. We are going to put up the show back in Bratislava this week 28/09/2009. It is going to be a launch party for our old/new Urbsounds Back Mirror 10" which we are very pleased with. Please check our discography page for more details about the release. Kovovlad will be also joining us on the drums.For more info about the event click here

Hello Kamaraden! After returning from our cycling trip in French Brittany, we'll be cycling again but this time down the sound waves at the London Foundry this Saturday: 12/08/2009. This time it is going to be a rather minimal Jamka set for small speakers. The night is a part of the Noise=Noise Basement series, so the speakers must survive for the other nights as well! It's all happening this Wednesday at 19:00. All welcome!
There will be another Voltage Controlled Cuisine 3 on Saturday 21/03/2009. This time in London Cafe OTO  (d/)

Jamka will be playing at NOD space in Prague, Czech Republic on Friday21/02/2009. It will be short set as we will other Urbsounds members for the common jam. For more details go

Everyone's invited to come along on Thursday 7th of August 2008. The entry is free and we'll be on 21:00 - 21:25. See you there!

Heeloo, We are really pleased to find out that Sound Projector magazine wrote a few lines about our LP "Z Okna Ucha"

On Sat 19 Apr 23:00 - Sun 20 Apr 01:00 we'll be playing our new 12"LP Z okna ucha and talking about it on Decibel Breach show on radio Resonance FM. If you would like to join us and listen to the show online please go to the radio Resonance FM website >> .


So our LPs have finally arrived!

So... we've finally made some crucial changes to our webside (for the moment) and are still waiting for the delivery of our new LP's, which are due just before Easter. (Daniel)