Voltage Controlled Cuisine 3

Gary Smith Guitar / Tom Wallace Treatments
Gary Smith is well known for developing dense extended techniques on electric guitar. He has released close to twenty albums in solo, group and live settings with Shoji Hano, Rhys Chatham, John Stevens, Hugh Hopper, Masayoshi Urabe, Chie Mukai, Aufgehoben, No Process, and Bill Fay.

Gary & Tom first collaborated on the Sijis records release Supertexture in 2005.  They have gone onto create a number of studio based duets. This is their first live outing.

Craig Vear Computer

Craig Vear is a composer and musician working predominantly in contemporary, improvised and electroacoustic music for the concert hall, installation and theatre. In recent years his practice has moved increasingly into the realm of computer-based composition but continues to draw on his experience as a professional musician.

Jamka Synths and other machinkas

In Slovak "jamka" could mean dimple or pathole. Benefiitting their name, the duo pushes their live performance over rough territory with cheeky smile. Electro beats to stride into Jamka's landscape of crunchy cliks and jagged breakdowns, only to be stretched and segmented themselves, sacrificed to the duo's analogue digital dialogue. For more...

London Cafe OTO
Saturday, 21.03.2009
20:00, £5