12 June 2011 ::


                                                       JAMKA playing at NOISE=NOISE    

Sunday 12th June 2011 Limelight Squat 136 Shaftsbury Ave. London W1V 7DN 8pm – – – > until whenever A night of live noise, fragmented rhythm, possession performance, diy punk electronics, deconstruction, primitive regression

FREE ENTRY to get in bang hard on the door, or call someone who's already inside.

Artists: JAMKA fragmentation deconstruction rhythm RYAN JORDAN sensory possession NEON EMTRZY audio dungeon ROBERTO CRIPPA void sonics EWA JUSTKA & USCHI SABINE discordian trauma JJJEMP etruscan suicide TOMAS vinyl noise NATALIA HYPOTENSIONA visual hypotension SKATTER BOYS something, hopefully not shitting on the door step ASICA ZZ something visual EATEN BY CHILDREN super 8 paint and multi-input mixer ANDY BLACK FOREST noise from the black forest MOTHAX diy instruments & power circuits