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This is the collections of Kordik's solo recordings. Other Kordik's releases when playing as Jamka, Urbsounds or Kordik-Lucas duo can be found under the following links:

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INDPORT is a split field recording by Daniel Kordík and Tobiáš Potočný.

INDPORT draws attention to two separate sonic territories that for over four centuries shared a single audible space. Whilst today it is no longer possible to reproduce the authentic sounds of the colonial era and recreate them in the way the sailors and merchants would have experienced them then, Kordík and Potočný choose to lay the two separate sonic terrains side by side once more allowing their present day frequencies resonate in tandem. Their field recordings stimulate today’s global ear and draw the listener into the territory of new imaginary explorations.

Released by LOM



Cyclic Defrost

A Closer Listen



“[Sy][ria] consists of 5 compositions based mainly on sound from field recordings made between April and May 2011 on various locations across Syria. These include Damascus, Maaloula, “Road 90″ to Palmyra, Deir ez-Zur, Aleppo and Hama and their surrounding areas.

Due to security reasons when the government forces were trying to suppress the start of the uprising, I used only my Sony portable minidisc recorder with its internal microphone.  

Money collected from the downloads will be used to help people who had to flee Syria due to the ongoing civil war. To purchase the album please visit: LOM

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This track has been recorded live (no overdubs) in January 2011 for Peter Homola "Denne Menu" exhibition

Equipment used on this track:

Vostok Matrix synth
Moog Analogue Delay
Vahalla reverb


These are short improvisations recorded directly into the computer on 26-29 January 2011, no everdubs used in this recording. Additional reverb with Lexicon MX200. Samples used on No Return (Burning Snow, Melting Soil) track were recorded on 24/12/2010.



Equipment used on this recording:

Vostok Matrix Synth

Roland MC202 synth

Moog Ananlogue delay

Mood Ring Modulator





These are five field recording compositions recorded in Malaysia and Thailand in 2011 – 2012, edited in London. Recorded with Marantz PMD660 and AKG C451 microphone / mostly mono.

The following locations became the sonic source for my field recordings: Langkawi island, Hat Yai, Ko Lanta island, Cameron Highlands, Kuala Lumpur and various places in between them.

I sliced the raw material into individual segment blocks and chained those together under the guidance of my memory flashbacks and the power of the future to come. I did not use any overdubs apart from overlapping the fade ins and outs.