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Photo by Monika Subrtova

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Photo by Monika Subrtova


  Past Events

  Saturday, 21 April 2018, RadioPhonic , London (as Jamka)


  Wednesday, 01 November 2017, NoiseLab, Bristol, (solo concert)

  Wednesday, 12 July 2017, London, Cafe OTO, (as Daniel Kordik & Edward Lucas duo)
  Saturday, 01 July 2017, Tabacka, Kosice, Slovakia (as Jamka)
  Friday, 30 June 2017, Festival Anca, Zilina, Slovakia (as Jamka)

  Thursday, 29 June 2017, Servis, Bratislava, Slovakia (as Jamka)
  Saturday, 10 June 2017, HIT ME Album Launch, with James L Malone, Cafe Oto Project Space   
  Thursday, 13 April 2017, Desolate, London (as Jamka)
  Saturday, 28 January 2017, Cornelius Cardew Treatise, Iklectik, London

  Saturday, 18 February 2016, Yo No Bi, Iklectik Lab, London – as KILT
  Sunday, 19 February 2017, Cafe OTO (+ Raum-Zeit, Maoupa Mazzochetti) – as Jamka


  Monday 24th, October 2016, Cafe OTO, London  (KILT album launch)
  18th November 2016 – 24th November, Czechoslovak mini tour (as Jamka)

  Saturday 3rd, December 2016,
Mopomoso Festival,
Lab, London

  Sunday 18th Sept 2016, Vortex, Mopomoso, London (as KILT)
  Sunday 11th Sept 2016, Hundred Years Gallery, London (with James Malone & Edward Lucas)
  Sunday 21st August 2016, FUGA, Bratislava
  Saturday 20th June 2016, Iklectik Lab, London
  Saturday 11th June 2016, Electric Knife Records, London (as KILT)
  Saturday 4th June 2016, Cafe Oto Project Space, London (duo with Colin Webster)
  Saturday 30th April 2016, Even Salon / Either Or Event, Apiary Studios, London (as Jamka)
  Saturday 23rd, January 2016, 100 Years Gallery, London

  Saturday 16th, January 2016, as Kordik-Lucas Duo, Electric Knife Records, London
  Thursday 14th, January 2016,
Foley Street, London



  December 6th, Exploratorio Weekend, Cafe OTO, London
  November 26th 2015, HCMF Festival, Huddersfield
  November 21st 2015, as Jamka CZ/Sk Mini Tour, Praha, Brno / Czech Republic
  November 18th 2015, as Jamka CZ/Sk Mini Tour, A4, Bratislava / Slovak Republic

  November 15th 2015, as Jamka CZ/Sk Mini Tour, Stanica, Zilina / Slovak Republic
  November 13th 2015, as Jamka CZ/Sk Mini Tour, Potrva, Prague / Czech Republic
  August 3rd 2015, Exploraria concert, Cafe Iklectik, London
  June 21st 2015, Jackson-Kordik-Lucas-Thomson-Stockard-Wheatley, Cafe I'klectik, London
  June 25th 2015, Kordik-Lucas duo, LUME, Hackney Road, London
  June 2nd 2015, Kordi-Lucas-Stockard trio, Arch 1, London
  May 20th 2015, Kordik-Lucas duo with Eddie Prevost, 100 Years Gallery, London  Photos
  March 1st 2015, as Jamka, at Dublin Catsle, London  Photos  
  February 17th 2015, Kordik+Madmemmecell, Arch 1, London
  February 7th 2015, Ikeda-Kordik duo, Earshots 6, London 
  January 17th 2015, Kordik-Lucas duo at Apiary Studios, London  Photos: 1 2 3 4 5
  November 27 – 29, Dj-ing at Next Festival, Bratislava, Slovak Republic
  October 7th, 2014, ARCH 1, Trio with David O'Connor & Eddie Prevost, London  Photos: 1 2
  September 10th, 2014, as Kordik-Lucas Duo, Power Lunches, New album Launch, London Photos
  August 14th, 2014, solo at BWO / A4, Bratislava, London, SK/UK
  July 25th, as Jamka, Norbergfestival 2014 , Sweeden, 1
  March 12th, 2014, as Kordik-Lucas Duo, Cafe OTO, London

  November 24th, 2013, as Kordik-Lucas Duo, The Horse Improv Club, London
  November 18th, 2013,
as Kordik-Lucas Duo, ENDNOTES 3 – Launch concert, Limehouse, London 
  October 13th, 2013,
As Like As Trees Weekend, Cafe OTO, London
  October 6th, 2013,
Workshop concert, Cafe Oto – Project Space , London    
  August 13th, 2013,
trio with Ed Lucas and Ross Lambert, ARCH 1, London
  June 11th, 2013, ARCH 1, London, UK (duo with Noel Taylor) 
  May 6th, 2013,
as Jamka, HYDROACOUSTICS, (MS Stubnitz), London
  May 8th, 2013, as Jamka, Cable Festival, Nantes, France
  April 19th, 2013, solo at Jackie's Memorial, London Photos: 1 2
  April 7th, 2013,
as Jamka, Mor Ho!, Red Gallery London, London 
  March 20th, 2013, as Kordik-Lucas Duo, Lumiere, London, London
  February 28th, 2013, as Kordik-Lucas Duo, Noise=Noise, London
  January 23rd, 2013,
as Kordik-Lucas duo, FlimFlam, London

  December 8th, 2012, as Kordik-Lucas duo, Next Festival, Bratislava, Slovak Republic
  December 6th, 2012, as Kordik-Lucas duo, Club Integral, London
  October 29th, 2012, Workshop concert, Cafe Oto, London
  March 27th, 2012, as Kordik-Lucas duo, The Others, London
  For earlier concerts please check Jamka page

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