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  • Urbsounds and friends na garazach

    Urbsounds and friends na garazach

    pink noise for kids beats for machines Hey Friends! Join us, and we will play for you various flavors of extreme electronics. You will hear noise and dance. Machines will play. Bratislava, Garaze pod pristavnym mostom, 28.6.2024 start 19.00 end 22.00. FB event. with> > > Bartek 270° by Bartek Dubaex Live dub techno Hlukar…

  • S A R R A M / Urbanfailure @T3

    S A R R A M / Urbanfailure @T3

    Urbanfailure will join Italian Valerio Marras (S A R R A M) and will play live variations of tracks from his recent release Recurring Errors and new tracks too in Bratislava/T3 on the 3rd of May. Join us. Facebook Event

  • Urbanfailure releases new album

    Urbanfailure releases new album

    Recurring Errors Slovakia’s Urbanfailure has pursued abstracted, cybernetic electronica since the late ’90s. Central to the work is the exploratory interlocution of synths and hardware in crafting a barrage of machined rhythm and terse eruptions of noise. Urbanfailure transmits mutating patterns and sequences from his electronics that are as nimble as they are brutal. Quick…

  • Bartek – Cpal Nanuq | [ / ] no. 56

    Bartek – Cpal Nanuq | [ / ] no. 56

    New record by Bartek. From Bratislava with bang. KIDS FRIENDLY MACHINE MUSIC All music by BartekMastered by RBNXCover art and design Lucia Simkova Cpal Nanuq by Bartek The cassette was co-released and manufactured by

  • Dead Janitor – Pendulum | [ / ] no. 53

    Dead Janitor – Pendulum | [ / ] no. 53

    Dead Janitor presents his new album Pendulum after the steadily produced Medusa LP in 2019. Dead Janitor – Pendulum In Pendulum Dead Janitor uses an arsenal of pixelated breakbeats, stuttering samples, and soundscapes to create an adventurous form of polyrhythmic electronica. Your ears will be pleased by complex IDM experiences that reveal hidden patterns and…

  • The 8 bit Prometheus reviewed by

    The 8 bit Prometheus reviewed by

    Italian Neural magazine reviewed The 8 bit Prometheu by Dj Balli + L’Allievo + MC Shell8bit. Enjoy nice reading. The 8 bit Prometheus Dj Balli, with the help of Allievo and MC Shell8bit, presents this 17-track album for the Slovakian label Urbsounds. The compositions are rigorously titled “séance”, and progressively numbered. Underscored by the declamatory…

  • Urbsounds label night and TMA release party

    Urbsounds label night and TMA release party

    The TMA release party is happening. Kragrowargkomn releases his album TMA on 28th of March. But the release party was canceled, this is the new date. Join us! “TMA” – darkness, gloom, void… As such, darkness does not exist — it is merely a lack or absence of light. Abstract phenomena such as darkness or…