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  • Vianočný trh hudobných vydavateľstiev

    Vianočný trh hudobných vydavateľstiev

    Hey Friends! Come along to label fair Vianočný trh hudobných vydavateľstiev we are part of among nice and interesting Slovak labels. We will have it all…

  • Urbsounds Label Night 25.11. @a4

    Urbsounds Label Night 25.11. @a4

    Hey Friends! Here we are with our next Urbsounds Label Night. Join us on the 25th of November in A4 in Bratislava. Facebook event. You will see live performances by Swarm Intelligence This Dublin-born artist has already established himself as part of the techno underground with critically acclaimed LPs and EPs on labels like Voltax,…

  • Ears Chewing Satisfunction meets Terror Noise Industry 24.9.@Fuga

    Ears Chewing Satisfunction meets Terror Noise Industry 24.9.@Fuga

    Hey Friends! Here we go! Gabber/Speed Core/Hard Core/Acid/Noise

  • Changes by IAmNøt. Vinyl, and release party

    Changes by IAmNøt. Vinyl, and release party

    IAmNøt – Changes LP Sofia Nøt from the project IAmNøt is a DJ and a producer from Bratislava/Slovakia, who just released her debut album “Changes”. The album stems from the sounds of electronic dance music of the 90s and describes Sofia’s battle with gender identity. The music video for the track “Changes” won a prize…

  • Unpolished Fidelity release party

    Unpolished Fidelity release party

    Urbsounds Unpolished fidelity releases on 20th of August, the release party is happening at same day in Bratislava`s a4. Join us! FB event.

  • Urbsounds’Unpolished fidelity – various artists

    Urbsounds’Unpolished fidelity – various artists

    The Bratislava DIY collective celebrates its twentieth anniversary with new, unheard music on vinyl. The world has changed a lot since the beginning of the millennium. However, Urbsounds still go for noisy and dirty experimental electronics, from which you can feel the spirit of abandoned industrial spaces and punk squats. They commemorate their 20th anniversary…

  • Surfin’ Bazooka – Retribution Angels EP

    Surfin’ Bazooka – Retribution Angels EP

    Surfin’ Bazooka is a Prague (Czechia) based duo surfing in avant-garde waters of free jazz, free improvisation, noise, kraut electronics, and industrial. Its live shows are a dynamic flow of energy, sonic experiments, and semi-impro feelings. Both musicians are active in many bands and projects. Surfin’ Bazooka is their chamber of fun (and power). Retribution…

  • S A R R A M / Urbanfailure @T3

    S A R R A M / Urbanfailure @T3

    Urbanfailure will join Italian Valerio Marras (S A R R A M) and will play live variations of tracks from his recent release Recurring Errors and new tracks too in Bratislava/T3 on the 3rd of May. Join us. Facebook Event

  • Hradby Samoty – Bratislava intermezzo

    Hradby Samoty – Bratislava intermezzo

    10 years special festival of experimental audiovisual arts Hradby Samoty – Bratislava intermezzo. 1st night curated by Urbsounds. Join us! Facebook Event

  • Skener: Urbsounds special

    Skener: Urbsounds special

    See you online or in-person in Fuga/Bratislava on the 13th of January. The line up is ace and as always there will be abstract electronica, live improvisation, noise, and techno. 20.00 Hlukar /neuromeditation 20.30 RBNX /noise 21.00 Daniel Kordik /hardware elektronika/modular 21.30 Alica Volf /Dj set FB link with details

  • Mulo Muto | Black/Lava new tape release

    Mulo Muto | Black/Lava new tape release

    New cassette album Worlds Corroding Under Xenomorphs` Ejaculations by Mulo Muto and Black/Lava releases on the 10th of January. Be prepared for the finest sci-fi industrial experience. Cassette is coreleased by Italian Extreme Underground and Marbre Negre. “Worlds Corroding Under Xenomorphs’ Ejaculations” is a collaborative album between post-industrial Swiss-based duo MULO MUTO and the Italian…

  • Eastern Daze #40 with Urbsounds

    Eastern Daze #40 with Urbsounds

    Bratislava-based collective and label take us on a journey through its 20 years of noiseniks. Playlist Monika Subrtova – ///. Kragrowargkomn – Hluk Kordik.Krmicek – Untitled 6 Venta Protesix – 2 Dead Janitor – Glue Hlukar – Yamaka Orqan – #lunga Catafalque – Charred Remains Urbanfailure – Patterns Everywhere Bartek – Nanuq Makkatu – Decompose…

  • Urbanfailure releases new album

    Urbanfailure releases new album

    Recurring Errors Slovakia’s Urbanfailure has pursued abstracted, cybernetic electronica since the late ’90s. Central to the work is the exploratory interlocution of synths and hardware in crafting a barrage of machined rhythm and terse eruptions of noise. Urbanfailure transmits mutating patterns and sequences from his electronics that are as nimble as they are brutal. Quick…

  • The Corp. x EXILES — Ending Techno Worlds

    The Corp. x EXILES — Ending Techno Worlds

    Urbanfailure will play live at The Corp. x EXILES — Ending Techno Worlds in Budapest, on the 7th of October. More info on FB Event.

  • Catafalque / Coalminer Split

    Catafalque / Coalminer Split

    We are happy to announce this great and noisy split record by Catafalque / Coalminer. The cassette in a transparent cyan jewel case and download was released on the 15th of September 2021. The catafalque is a collaboration between Thomas Ozers (The Dead Yesterdays) and Dan Dolby and Mike Shepherd (Mastiff) born out of our…

  • Kotol vol.1

    Kotol vol.1

    Live event with friends. Join us in Roznava. FB event.

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