That is one helluva strange guy, Venta Protesix, also known as Italo Belladonna, from Italy, with his sexual obsessions and loud noise. Noise that he produces, so I would think, in a very digital manner. Most of the times it is a screaming harsh wall of cold noise, of sounds stuck in a washing
machine, the shortest, tiniest sound particles on loop, but spinning around through an endless line of software packages running amok and into each other. Sometimes, such as in ‘Post-Masturbatory Suicide’ it seems like there is a truly fucked up rhythm at work, dancing at 500 bpm if not more.
However, and that is probably the most curious thing, there is long, almost ambient intro of ‘Her Keyboard Drowned In Tears’, which continues once the noise kicks in. Unlike the composers of harsh noise wall music, Venta Protesix knows how to add a bit of variation to the proceedings.
Chaos is something he seems to be enjoying to quite an extent, which is something that is also different from the wall noise brigade. There are nine tracks here and it lasts thirty-six minutes.
After that you’d want some peace and quiet. I know I did. (FdW)

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