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sound as opinion

urbanfailure is a one man project… I started to explore electronic sound fields in 1996 via computer and Impulse Tracker in 1997 i recorded my first tape called 'Try It'. As i started to play live i slowly moved from computer based setup to HW. UF is open to play or collaborate with everybody if some conditions meet. i prefer to be closer to people who i am playing with. it is personal, with some past and feelings. i try to play what i like, but sometimes it might happen i do not. things go their way. i do what – where – how i live – feel – do. no melodies but sounds are what i like. it is still an open field to fill – create – reconstruct – play or recycle. structures – rhythms – atmosphere are mirrors of – i call space – energy mostly dark – no happy shape – look from the other side – my own distorted view. i can not change myself – no sorry – but if you understand you know …   
urbanfailure _trashFan


"My synthesis of feelings endeavors to transform rooted images. The realization of this concept is also a way to use sound as opinion. Your TV digital pudding raisins as an analog paradox deforming reality? Try not to think about what the past will be like!"

couple of words about the past – about what i have done.

– what is missing possibly never happend or i have forgotten it. try to help me to remember if you want to…

my first release C-60 try it – it was fun to find the impulse tracker and forget the guitar. i started to discover new places in myself – new tools to express. poor sound – noisy shape of rhythm – some ideas i still like and one song for tobias. fucking remote past after all these years but still real

urban2ndfailure cd-r – new inspiration – differrent tools – more skills – more clean rhythms – more work with details – for somebody black for others white for me a next step. i am sure i like it

urb sound systems 3way noise experimental split cd-r  our first common record , lot  of new ideas and inspiration, nice start  great time and background for creative follow up  

urbanox / urbanfailure mini cd-r split our first split with tobias, and my track completely build from ms windows system sounds, inspirated by my "bad" experience with crash of my comp due my live performance 

generated experience cd-r – dark but for me real expression of that season. first time that i used just own synthetised/generated sounds. i tried and finally built structures for a couple of people who found the sense of my effort – thanx to them. who do not understand: errors are usual…

perrespektrotive [6 tracks released on urbsounds collective LP]
time is relative, my being is time
i feel like doing what i want and i do what i can
the mind is a space trying to open itself
my source come from the labyrinth
thru which i walk, living a distorted reality
perrespektrotive is where i cannot
but i am, it is the past i felt
abstract waves digital shape
concrete structure i cannot throw away…

urbsounds live in leipzig 21.6.2003 cd-r live recordings from our gig in leipzig. nice view of our first small tour over germany. 

urbsounds live at stanica.zilina.sk cd-r live recordings from our gig where all of us was performing. for my this gig was last one where i used computer as musical instrument – great send off.

urbsounds common jam zilina 03.03.04 mini cd-r is our common live jam recorded in zilina, is limited cd-r and our first common live release.

urbanfailure/rbnx split cd-r this split was released by julian (smell the stench) and is continuance of collaboration with rbnx, on this release you will find live recording from zilina, same place as previously mentioned. it was pleasure to play there with friend dave phillips. 2nd track is taken from generated experience cd-r. 3rd track is one of remixed track of dobra minus. On RBNX side there is remixed version of his unquiet methods i think my first try to remix something.

urbsounds collective back mirror 10" our "at the moment" last collaborative record with 4 tracks contained exchange of sound files over the net from each of us. new approach to track creation for me and also new breed for live collaboration on stage

there are a couple of tracks for compilations – all are differrent but i am still there. and some live recordings – all of them i like – why not all is just an expression and meeting of place – time – conditions – all happened just listen to it and feel the context. thanx to all who share the medium
fcuk! i cannot believe i have written so much <yeah! miso just stop kidding
thank you for reading till here possible you will understand what i play enjoy sharing my distorted reality

some msg for the future – i still like to work with minimal equipment – but my desire to have any kind of an analogue hardware stuff is growing/yes i already got the great dave smith evolver/ – i still like rhythms and distorted sound structures – join jams – experience experiment – to get random surprise – good weed – working with friends is great and of course i am still a lo-fi techno trasher

list of hardware 

dave smith evolver | roland cmu810 compu synth | clavia nord modular G1 | simmons sds200 | profesor.tv optotheremin | mam MB33 | doepfer MS-404 | chymera synthesis BC16jomox airbase99 | gotharman`s deMOON

roland R8 | electro harmonix drm16

flame echometer

venec anlogue procesor | dod fx59 thrash master | boss ge7 equalizer | pigtronics ofo disnortion | dwarfcraft devices hurricane | boss auto-wah aw2 | boss bass parametric eq PQ-3B | metasonix multimode filter TM6 malekko echo 600 darklastgasp art laboratories tone axe | lexicon alex | symetrix sx206

sw & computer hw
ardour | RME HDSP multiface | x86 P4 – 512MB | Fedora 7 + planet ccrma

gear which i used to and left my living room
yamaha su700 | boss dd20 giga delay | tc electronics m-one | boss super octave OC3 | yamaha qy10ehx bassballs


lo - fi trash