Kragrowargkomn - TMA

TMA reviewed by

Lithuanian cultural blog reviewed album TMA by Kragrowargkomn. Darkness, slowly, unfolding into darkness Experimental funeral doom / industrial / drone one man act using overdriven 6 string bass, synthesizers, live – recorded raw samples of drums, cymbals and metal surfaces from mountainous Slovakia with a rather difficult name Kragrowargkomn has its debut album Tma […]

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Dj Balli - The 8 bit Prometheus

The 8 bit Prometheus reviewed by

Italian Neural magazine reviewed The 8 bit Prometheu by Dj Balli + L’Allievo + MC Shell8bit. Enjoy nice reading. The 8 bit Prometheus Dj Balli, with the help of Allievo and MC Shell8bit, presents this 17-track album for the Slovakian label Urbsounds. The compositions are rigorously titled “séance”, and progressively numbered. Underscored by the declamatory […]

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The Sound Projector

Sex and Despair | The SoundProjector review

Latest vinyl item of irritating noise from Venta Protesix is Loneliness And Deviancy (URBSOUNDS [/] URB046), a purple vinyl pressing housed in a lurid cover which I may suppress from the blog today, depending on how prudish I’m feeling…we’ve been hearing product from this Italian fellow (who might be Italo Belladonna) since around 2016, when […]

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ESOTERIC 8-BIT | BlowUp review

ESOTERIC 8-BIT The Student – DJ Dancing – MC Shell8bit The musical-literary work of the eclectic DJ Balli, closely related to counter-cultural / conspiracy themes and the evolution of the electronic breakcore, is enriched with a new chapter in some way related to the recent 10 ” Spartmented with Amphibian, in which they revisited The […]

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Dead Janitor - Medusa

Janitor In A Drum by SoundProjector

Dead Janitor’s Medusa LP is a fair-enough slab of electronica with beats…creator Brano Findrik is the Slovakian creator who also records as Sound Sleep, and this may be his first-ever foray on vinyl after a number of file-based releases for Exitab and Strefa Szarej Records, not counting his 2008 debut The Boring Structure which he […]

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Urbanfailure - Radical Rest

Industrial Accident Claims by the SoundProjector

Radical rest reviewed by Ed pinsent Urbanfailure is the solo turn of Michal Lichy, the Slovak electronica genius who last showed up around here on the four-way split Instant Satisfunction in 2012, though we have heard him on team-ups with Jamka, RBNX, and The Gross. His new album is Radical Rest (URBSOUNDS URB042), pressed in […]

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Dead Janitor - Medusa LP front

Medusa reviewed in

Slovenský producent Dead Janitor získal za jedenáct let svého působení na scéně i mezinárodní uznání a na novém albu Medusa přináší zcela vlastní originální zvuk. Výsledkem soudobé IDM elektroniky mixované s industriální špínou a syrovostí je zvukově pestré album, které přináší temné, minimalistické i taneční okamžiky. Dead Janitor debutoval v roce 2008 DIY albem The […]

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Jamka - Inter Alia

Inter Alia meets The SoundProjector

Jamka`s Inter Alia LP reviewed by Stuart Marshall Keeping Pan Sonic firmly in mind (and in recognition that those operations were long-closed before Vainio left us) is this brief blast of dread-inducing drone techno, responsible for which is Jamka aka Slovakians Monika Subrtova and Daniel Kordik, who have issued a steady trickle of such artisan […]

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Endless Incapacitating Discomfort by Venta Protesix

Incapacitating Agent by Ed Pinsent

Endless Incapacitating Discomfort reviewed by The SoundProjector Venta Protesix is “at it” again, unleashing 18 types of obnoxious digital malarkey from his lone laptop causing a vile stink all the way across Europe from his home base in Salerno…Endless Incapacitating Discomfort (URBSOUNDS URB041) is released on Urbsounds, as was the last emission of juvenile swill […]

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