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ESOTERIC 8-BIT The Student – DJ Dancing – MC Shell8bit

The musical-literary work of the eclectic DJ Balli, closely related to counter-cultural / conspiracy themes and the evolution of the electronic breakcore, is enriched with a new chapter in some way related to the recent 10 ” Spartmented with Amphibian, in which they revisited The experiments with Luigi Galvani’s electricity on frogs, but also to his fictionalized history of Frankenstein Goes To Holocaust sound mash-up, with the search for a prometheic creation generated by the (plunderphonic) revitalization of ” deceased sounds.

The 8 bit Prometheus

In this case, historical reference figure is Giovanni Aldini (1762-1834), a Bolognese physicist who studied, just like in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the possibility to revive bodies via electricity. Mixing satire, lo-fi and paranormal micro-electronics, Dalli assumes to summon Aldini’s spirit thanks to a series of 17 mediagenic sessions propitiated by the 8-bit sounds of three different Game Boy.

Performed in an art gallery and broadcast live on web radio, these evocations have now been collected by Urbsounds [/] of Bratislava on cd, in a booklet with texts and photos of the experiments. To try in the bizarre enterprise with the vintage or atmospheric sounds of their “Game Boy esoteric” are, in addition to Balli, Samuele Maoloni aka L ‘ Allevo and Francesco Fusaro aka Shell8bit, a narrative voice of this bislac experience in which the textual element has often the upper hand. (7/8) Vittore Baroni. Thanks for the nice review. Originally published in Itallian Blow Up magazine, April 2020 issue.