20 jan 2010 :: GossFailure cd OUT NOW!!

split cd GrossFailure by the Gross and Urbanfailure is now out!!!

GrossFailure by the Gross and Urbanfailure is now out!!!

concrete structures scattered around the country filled with stories. cd grossfailure being one of them. Rhythms as structures breaking in time. Resonance of the cold wind fading away and slow time coming to a standstill in 2006. The accidental encounter of chelyabinsk and petrzalka has resulted in a new friendship between danil and michal who are now coming to meet you.

split cd GrossFailure by the Gr0ss and Urbanfailure limited to 49pcs, will be first time available on Music Laboratory meets Ears Chewing on tour event at 22.1. in Zilina and 23.1. in Bratislava

released by Urbsounds Colective [/] 2010, no 23.

price for cd in metal box is 7eur + postpaid

net release will follow soon

vital weekly 727URBANFAILURE / THE GROSS – GROSSFAILURE (CDR by Urbsounds Collective)
Split-album released on the Slovenian label Urbsounds Collective. The label took its starting point in punk culture and DIY movements of the Slovenian Republic. The label was established in 2001 and since then it has become a platform for exchanging experience and supporting creative and unusual electronic and media events, distributing DIY materials, organizing experimental electronic music events and releasing mostly CD-r recordings. Present split album consists of
among others one of the original projects of the label: Urbanfailure. Behind Urbanfailure, you find the sound artist Michal Lichy who has released two CDRs before this split-release. The first album reviewed here, was the very first album released on Urbsounds Collective, back in 2001, meanwhile the next album was released one year after on the personal label of Urbanfailure: Urbanox. The style of Urbanfailure is ultra-abstract sound-art consisting of microsounds and discreet rhythm textures. Despite the fact that this isn't meant to be catchy, there are something quite cool about the rhythmic structures of Urbanfailure. Very cold but also hypnotizing thanks to the complex pallet of strange noises coming in and out during playtime. The other artist of the split-album is another Slovenian project: The Gross. Compared to the Urbanfailure, The Gross works in slightly more conventional sound spheres with more easy listenable texture. Ambient-like melodies are utilized to create atmospheres meanwhile the rhythm structures of The Gross is more conventional. But still the music of The Gross manage to keep the nice abstract approach to keep the listener attended. Very interesting split-album from Urbsounds Collective. (NM)

sound projectorAnother nifty CDR release GrossFailure ([/] No 23) from the Urbsounds Collective label, this time sent from their lair in Bratislava (previous outings have arrived here from a London base). Two acts, The Gross and urbanfailure, team up and collide in a snow-filled virtual space, occasionally remixing each other’s work on 15 tracks of endearing clunkiness and fascinating grey anti-rhythms. While not as immediately excitable and impolite as previous urbsounds items, this one has oodles of character and eccentricity; and I always enjoy this sort of cluttered, erratic and unpredictable approach towards beat-based electronic music which seems to be the label’s hallmark. Buy this limited (49 copies) item in its metal tin while you can, and sample the happening booms and bangs from Cheylabinsk and Bratislava!