[/] no. 32 | Mei Zhiyong – Harsh in Bratislava is OUT NOW

Mei Zhiyong – Harsh in Bratislava

we are pleased to announce that our next release [/] no.32 is OUT NOW.
Mei Zhiyong - Harsh in Bratislava Real treat for the ear and mind, guaranteed challenge for home audio.
Performed harsh by Mei Zhiyong, recorded live by Dave Phillips at Ears Chewing Satisfunction event in Fuga/Bratislava 7.10.2015, cover art and design Phaceo released by Urbsounds label [/] no.32

mei zhiyong / 梅志勇

pursues a physical form of sonic rapture, an explorative mind with the body as a tool pushing the limits, seeking a liberating nothingness beyond logic, found in coarse actionistic or quietly manic outbursts, in dizzying electronic soarings or in following unknown traces in field recordings. mei zhiyong also directs and shoots independent short films, works with photography and is part of the nojiji collective. he was born in shandong province and lives in changchun city, china.