Fuga Bratislava DJ Zoologist a.k.a DJ Balli will showcase his mixtape The Animal Musicians with support of local scene. Makkatu | live experiment Vrtačky po desáté hodině | exitab / ambient techno R+ | 808 / core Dj Zoologist | sonic belligeranza / hard breaks / animal musicians Urbanfailure | urbsounds.sk / lo-fi trash / rhythmic noise Rob2Speed | gabber.sk / hardcore / gabber DJ Zoologist Meow, chirp, burp, oink, croak, quack, growl, woof woof Welcome to the sound Animal Farm, go on a audio-safari between Caninus grindcore, Insect Musicians, avian death-metal, dj Balli’s equine hip-hop, Meow the Jewels, Amphibian, aquarium sounds and BeatleBarker, all together boiling in a sauce pot with lobsters screaming “he who makes a beast of himself forget about the pain being a man” (Samuel Johnson). http://sonicbelligeranza.com/ Urbanfailure. Abstract ultra micro sounds and discrete rhythm textures sonic puzzle that’s the liveact Urbanfailure. rhythmic noise or lo fi techno thrash is the best description of the sound that’s coming out of his hardware. Cold and hypnotising disco that will suck you in. https://urbsounds.sk/urbanfailure/ Makkatu is the ikon of slovak underground techno scene. His liveact will be improvised and abstract. Recently released Ordeal is great! https://urbsounds.bandcamp.com/album/ordeal-no-34 R+ was known as a prolific slovak breakcore producer until he realized that single genre orientation does not fulfill his notion of a good mix. Nowadays producing less but much more in hunt for great music in fields of footwork, trap, juke, jungle, *core, moombahton and others in order to create diverse energetic sets that will make you move. https://soundcloud.com/2ricky2 Vrtačky po desáté hodině is an experimental and noise music project of Ľubomír Panák (DRAKH) a Slovak programmer, photographer, musician and sound artist. His live performance showcase the creative approach in blending electronic music with folklore, this time he will play in field of ambient techno. https://soundcloud.com/vrtacka http://exitab.exitmusic.org/album/lullabies-for-stela-extb067 DJ Rob2Speed is the most successful Slovakian hardcore gabber DJ. His fantastic mixing skills, scratching and tricks make him definitely one of the most technically skilled professional hardcore DJs in Europe. He’s dedicated his life to perfection and continuous improvement of the presentation and mixing the hardcore music. Starting in 2005, he’s attended many gigs all over the Europe. The most interesting bookings were Noisekick’s verouderingsproces (NL), Insanity Part 3 (CH), Hardcore Explosion (H), Rakehell (H), Core Masters (A), Hellrave (A), Hardcore Operation (CZ), Terror Noize Industry (D), Hell or Heaven (A)… His favourite hardcore styles are mainstream, uptempo/terror, oldschool, industrial. https://www.facebook.com/rob2speed/ Fecebook event ]]>