Ears Chewing Satisfunction

music not*music event noise ~ power electronics ~ digital sickness ~ trash 1.10.2017 Fuga Bratislava [caption id="attachment_502" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Ears Chewing Satisfunction[/caption]


An uncompromising sonic mayhem from one of the distinctive figures of the Slovak underground. Hlukar lets us dive into delicate bitcrushing adventures, with full of crunchy and furious lo-fi beats spanning between the somewhat more delicate and abstract. An energizing brain-to-brain data transfer drawing from the industrial powernoise tradition at its best, resembling a distorted soundtrack for a dystopian game world.


…and the doctor said: “…i never saw this in my whole career! Your ears are filled with strong feedbacks that causes you chronical headache! Your braincells are pulsing at high levels from octaved walls, you are also suffering from rabid looped frequencies and distorted sounds! Im impresed that you are barely alive! What in the Gods name did you do, that you are in such disaster state?” “I went to a Drén show!” “Have the Lord mercy on your soul!”  


modern, liberated, contemporary, of a broad spectrum, intelligent, obscure, experimental, unique, quality, original, extraordinary… these are words that most often characterize electronic music. with rbnx things are different.

Venta Protesix

Meaning absolutely nothing, the name Venta Protesix gathers the sprawling work of a composer self-confined to the isolation of not belonging to any musical genre or scene. Always reluctant to make noise with any tool except for his laptop, and thanks to his obsessive attachment to this medium, the most fitting definition that has been forged for his non-music is Laptop Micro-Autism. By overdriving perversity and derangement into recursive fractalizations of digital noise, Venta Protesix is as unpalatable to serious computer music listeners as he is too abstract and alienating for pedal-bashing harsh noise audiences. His one true goal is to design sounds with the specific, single-minded purpose of generating physical distress in his listeners.


Abstract ultra micro sounds and discrete rhythm textures sonic puzzle that’s the liveact Urbanfailure. rhythmic noise or lo fi techno thrash is the best description of the sound that’s coming out of his hardware. Cold and hypnotising disco that will suck you in.   flayer art by Erik/Dren Thanks!!! FB Event ]]>