Urbsounds and friends in noise urbsounds-friends-noise

Urbsounds [ / ] friends in Noise

Event focused on current experimental and noise live performances

28.11.2017 at a4 Bratislava

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Mei Zhiyong / noise tetsuo

pursues a physical form of sonic rapture, an explorative mind with the body as a tool pushing the limits, seeking a liberating nothingness beyond logic, found in coarse actionistic or quietly manic outbursts, in dizzying electronic soarings or in following unknown traces in field recordings. Mei Zhiyong urbsounds-friends-noise mei zhiyong also directs and shoots independent short films, works with photography and is part of the nojiji collective. he was born in shandong province and lives in changchun city, china.

Ni Ko / dynamic live performance

since a decade, the being behind the soundless moniker (aka nikola h. mounoud) processes analog, digital and hybrid feedbacks in real time to produce a unique, powerful and highly dynamic live performance where irresponsible noise, weird sonic blasts, total non-sense and pure irrationality meet for an intense timeless experience. between neo-composed scores and prepared pseudo-improvisations, the listener absorbs an unleashed beauty of a musical wrath, like experiencing traveling outside of one’s body or just taking a break from this so called reality. more info here

Mrkva + Bolka / performance surreal

#punk sousd system #analogue modular Mrkva + Bolka urbsounds-friends-noise

Urbanfailure / rhythmic noise

Abstract ultra micro sounds and discrete rhythm textures sonic puzzle that’s the liveact Urbanfailure. rhythmic noise or lo fi techno thrash is the best description of the sound that’s coming out of his hardware. Cold and hypnotising disco that will suck you in.

G# / funeral doom


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