[ / ] no. 43 | Dj Balli and Amphibian – Galvanized

During the 1870s Luigi Galvani performed experiments at the University of Bologna involving frogs. While cutting a frog’s leg, his zinc scalpel touched a brass hook that was keeping the leg in place. The leg twitched. WELL THE TIME HAS COME WE RETURN MR. GALVANI A FLYING KICK ON BEHALF OF Amphibian. Sincerely, Riccardo Balli

Dj Balli + Amphibian - GALVANIzed
Transparent green 10″

GALVANized solid green
Solid green 12″

Available as edition of 250 transparent green 10″ and solid green 12″ special collectors edition of 48 pcs. Both editions includes download.