Urbsounds label night and TMA release party

Urbsounds label night and TMA release party

The TMA release party is happening.

Kragrowargkomn releases his album TMA on 28th of March. But the release party was canceled, this is the new date. Join us!

“TMA” – darkness, gloom, void…

As such, darkness does not exist — it is merely a lack or absence of light. Abstract phenomena such as darkness or void are here and known to us, but we can never really perceive them.
Where there is an absence of harmony, euthymia, and melody, there is plenty of space for creeping doom rumbling, industrial bustle, and black metal dissonance turning music into a rough noise mass.

Kragrowargkomn will play TMA live set with special guests!


Abstract ultra microsounds and discrete rhythm textures sonic puzzle that’s the live act Urbanfailure. rhythmic noise or lo-fi techno trash is the best description of the sound that’s coming out of his hardware.
Cold and hypnotizing disco that will suck you in. Urbanfailure is member of Slovakian Urbsounds Collective and Vermin party crew

Fall into dry lungs /at

Collaborative project of Christoph F. (Dry Lungs Records / Feuersalamander auf Marzipan) and Petar S. (Fall Into Void Recs / Bruising Pattern) from Vienna, Austria.
Since its inception in early 2015 they have made a name for themselves for their high-energy pedal abusing live performances.
Playing either as a noise&drums duo or delivering a cut-up battle style harsh noise set, whatever fits the venue, event & moment best!

Erik Panci

Erik is a creative multimedia artist using hardware instruments for his music. Sampling, breakbeat, field recordings, modular synthesis, or American minimalism. He creates performances for the people and places.


Bratislava’s born Doomcore/Darkcore/Industrial producer releasing on labels Traumatic and Dark. Descent. Check his recent release Dark Ops and come to see him playing live

Dj Elvis F

Dj Elvis F @mixcloud

VJ Wosa

flayer by Michal Maros