Urbsounds Label Night 25.11. @a4

Urbsounds Label Night

Hey Friends! Here we are with our next Urbsounds Label Night. Join us on the 25th of November in A4 in Bratislava. Facebook event. You will see live performances by

Swarm Intelligence

This Dublin-born artist has already established himself as part of the techno underground with critically acclaimed LPs and EPs on labels like Voltax, 47 and Instruments of Discipline, and standout sets at meccas like Berghain. His distinctive sound comes from over a decade of releases spanning multiple genres and tempos. A resolutely non-conformist approach to his productions has earned him a reputation as a true trailblazer in the realm of techno. He does it all from rhythmic noise to brutal and bleak, and now takes the next step with the launch of his label. Swarm Intelligence is the sound of an unknown techno future made brilliantly real.

n o a h s t a s

As noahstas I transform my artistic ideas into sound structures since 2014, started as a sonic offshoot of my visual art practices, then became a self-contained entity. Built from the dynamics between repression and breakout, control and loss of control, lots of feedback, analog synths and pulastions, slowly decaying tape loops and dark spatial atmosphere. Genre wise “melodic, narrative noise” somewhere between power electronics, rhythmic noise, drone, musique concrète and post-industrial. First few recordings came out on my own now ceased label, CYST records, the latest album “Black Bile” came out this year on EXILES on cassette and digital.


orqan is an abstract music project from West Liguria, Italy formed in 2016. Their sound is in between noise, techno, drone and dark ambient. Every performance, studio or live, often (but not always) utilizes techniques of improvisation and different gear: electric and acoustic instruments, microphones, drum machines and samples are filtered and processed in a constantly changing stream of sound. 

Often performing as a duo, sometimes as a trio or in collaboration with other projects, they released a lot of different material through various labels like Urbsounds (SK), Noise Bombing (Indonesia), Ho.Gravi.Malattie (IT), Musica Orizzontale (IT), Spettro Rec (IT), EK4T3 (IT), Washing Machine Tapes (USA) and more.  Their live appearances are really rare.

Daniel Kordik

Based in between London and Bratislava, Kordik’s music making spans across three domains: electronic music, free improvisations and field recordings. Over the years, he’s been involved in several projects, including the hardware noise duo Jamka and his solo and collaboration ventures, which span free improv and field recordings (check out his [Sy][ria] release on LOM, for instance). Together with Edward Lucas he co-runs Earshots label: His music has been released on labels like Superpang, Weltschmerzen, LOM, Sub Rosa, Takuroku, Baba Vanga, Confront Recordings, Scatter Archive, Urbsounds Collective and Earshots Recordings.


Hlukár is an evil twin brother of Peter Kerekes. Hlukar enjoys digging up a lot of filth, shit, sadness, and misery of our meaningless lives and throwing it back in our faces to relive it again in audible form. Come to see his live performance.


Abstract ultra microsounds and discrete rhythm textures sonic puzzle that’s the live act Urbanfailure. Rhythmic noise or lo-fi techno thrash is the best description of the sound coming from his hardware. Cold and hypnotizing disco that will suck you in. Urbanfailure is a member of the Slovakian Urbsounds Collective and Vermin party crew.

Flyer by Vladimira Pcolova.

Urbsounds Label Night
Urbsounds Label Night