"Everyone with Everyone" improvised electronic party

“Každý s každým” improvised electronic party

“Everyone with Everyone” is an interactive experience where musicians inspire each other and create new sonic dimensions. Alica Volf, Katov Syn(th), Makkatu, and Urbanfailure will perform their collaborations. Join us for a chat about synthesizers or music.

March 9th, 7:00 PM @a4

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Alica Volf

Alica Volf plays as a DJ and constitutes one-third of the techno project NDS, where she shapes noise effects using software tools such as Pure Data and VCV Rack. In her solo project, she experiments and creates resonant sound collages. Come to “Everyone with Everyone” – an improvised electronic party to listen to sound improvisations and resonant collages.

Katov syn(the)

The executioner’s son(th) is coming to improvise at “Everyone with Everyone” – an improvised electronic party. Join us on a psychedelic journey into experimental-improvised noise and ambient without genre boundaries.


Techno that echoes experimental powers, movement through beats, detailed listening, and clustered sonic structures.


Very cold but also hypnotizing, thanks to the complex pallet of strange noises coming in and out during playtime.