[/] no. 20 | Urbsounds Collective – Back Mirror 10″

Urbsounds Collective – Back Mirror 10″

In spite of Monika and Daniel residing in London and Michal and Tobias in Bratislava we were certain about one thing: Urbsounds Collective as a whole.

Our website became a temporary storage space for our emerging sound files and a platform for an exercise in interdependent collaboration.

All four of us uploaded the first track of a song to the FTP client, along with its name and the concept behind it. In the next round, each member downloaded somebody else’s track and, bearing in mind its specific concept, contributed a new track to the song. The same happened in the third and fourth rounds, until everyone had contributed to each song.
The outcome is 4 songs consisting of four different tracks made by four people. Each of us participated equally in their creation. Everybody started a song, everybody added one track to each song and everybody did the final mixing of one song.

None of the songs should be viewed as a work on its own; all of them make up a single whole whose individual parts remain incomplete unless approached in the context of the others.

Back Mirror is our collective work that retained its openness through all stages of production and is completely free of any hierarchy in terms of authorship. Should you discover any hidden signs in it feel free to interpret them in your own way.

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