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Ears Chewing Satisfunction Next Warm Up

Warm up for this year’s NEXT festival (18.-20. December in Bratislava) gonna be next party from the „Ears Chewing Satisfunction“ series. This time it is taking place in „Intergalakticka Obluda“ club in Bratislava on Saturday, 13th December. Following artists from Austria, Slovakia and also Czech republic are performing on this noise-experimental-electronics event: Sound avantgardist from Wien Philipp Quehenberger. This synthesizer and sound toy abuser is also known by his collaboration with artists like Pomassl or Ilpo Väisänen (Pan Sonic). His recent album Phantom in Paradise (released on re-incarnated label Editions Mego) has been marked as one-off from Mego production due to it’s specific style and sound, described also as “EBM for post-laptop generation” or “Electro-pop for test-tube babies”.


Second austrian performer is Shortwave Massacre, fella (also known as Noisecamp’s DJ Flusssaeure), who combines in his production rhythms and sound collages made also using shortwave receivers. Line up completes Czech-slovak duo Jack-Jack, whose only instruments are two mixing consoles without external inputs (their show will be accompanied by VJ Pitch the Glitch), from ambient to harshnoise producing collective Noise Konspiracy from Bratislava and finally, two Urbsounds members, analogue-black-box guru RBNX and rhythmic-noise thrasher Urbanfailure. As usually, along with ticket to this varied evening, every guest will receive CD containing tracks from all performers.