GALVANIzed review in Vital Weekly 1160

Dj Balli + Amphibian - GALVANIzed 10"
GALVANIzed is seriously fucked form of dance music

“During the 1870s Luigi Galvani performed experiments at the University of Bologna involving frogs. While cutting a frog’s leg, his zinc scalpel touched a brass hook that was keeping the leg in place. The leg twitched. WELL THE TIME HAS COME WE RETURN MR. GALVANI A FLYING KICK ON BEHALF OF Amphibian. Sincerely, Riccardo Balli” Yes, sometimes the information is that vague. I suspect behind DJ Balli and Amphibian we find Samule Maoloni and Luca Torasso who are thanked “for turning field-recordings into swamp-recording”. There are lots of musical genres that we might cover but actually not know a lot about. Modern classical music for instance. But also within the mighty scope of dance music there is quite a bit that make us scratch our heads. This release for instance. This is some seriously fucked form of dance music that holds between breakcore, drum n bass and gabber. If I am not mistaken, and surely might very well be mistaken.

Dj Balli + Amphibian - GALVANIzed

As said I have very little knowledge of these matters, and to be honest breakcore, drum ‘n bass (as well as dubstep) are genres that I also not particularly care for. I do like hardcore gabber, but more those of the silly Dutch variety and perhaps I should not tell you that; guilty pleasures and all that. I quite enjoyed playing this record actually, even when I don’t ‘get’ it. The furious beats, the intense sounds, the brief pieces, seventeen in some twetny-five minutes, ade me chuckle and the free flow energy was much appreciated. What more can I say? I have no idea. If you want a speedy bump, right in the hearth, then try it out.

Reviewed by Frans de Waard / VitalWeekly

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