Urbsounds label night Zilina

Urbsounds label night Zilina

Our next Urbsounds label night is hosted by Stanica Žilina-Záriečie. Party will happen on the 8th of November 2019. We invited a mixture of local artists. All skilled sound performers.

Urbsounds label night Zilina will be a great journey


will play his techno that echoes experimental powers, movement through beats, detailed listening, clustered sonic structures.

Dead Janitor

is the alter-ego for Slovak electronic technician Braňo Findrik. Over the past decade, he has steadily produced a series of digital releases leading to his debut Medusa LP for Urbsounds. With an arsenal of pixelated breakbeats and stuttering samples, Dead Janitor presents an adventurous form of polymetric electronica, echoing the complex IDM explorations of the pioneering work of Aphex Twin and Autechre.

Vrtačky po desáté hodině

is a project of Ľubomír Panák /drakh/ a Slovak programmer, photographer, musician, and sound artist, for experimental and noise music.
His electronic music pieces have appeared in collections Noize Conspiracy No. 9-13, he has been active in the Slovak experimental music scene also as a live dj and author of remixes and sets. He is a member of the Slovak electronic group Angakkut and plays bagpipes, fujara, flute and pipes in a folklore ensemble Gymnik. His photos depict mostly urban spaces and his (interactive) digital pieces use intermedial connections and computational possibilities.


Abstract ultra microsounds and discrete rhythm textures sonic puzzle that’s the live act Urbanfailure. rhythmic noise or lo-fi techno thrash is the best description of the sound that’s coming out of his hardware.
Cold and hypnotizing disco that will suck you in. Urbanfailure is a member of Slovakian Urbsounds Collective and Vermin party crew.

Join us at our Urbsounds label night!

Urbsounds label night

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