Dj Balli – The 8 bit Prometheus

Dj Balli - The 8 bit Prometheus

The new album The 8 bit Prometheus by Dj Balli + L’Allievo + MC Shell8bit releases on 28th January 2020. This time we cooperated with half in London and half in Feltre based label MFZ Records.

Ever taken part in a low-resolution seancè? All you need is a Game-Boy Classic equipped with LSDJ software, plug it via Game-Boy link cable to retro devices such as Nintendo’s Advance and Color. Hold the retro devices tight to create a circle. PLING! The renown Game Boy startup sound and following the voice of MC Shell8bit telling the tale of this different Frankenstein, the 8 bit Prometheus one.

All music created and composed by Dj Balli + L’Allievo + MC Shell8bit.

All graphics and design by Tobia Maschio

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