Dj Balli - The 8 bit Prometheus

L’Allievo / Dj Balli / MC Shell8bit – The 8 bit Prometheus | [ / ] no. 47

Frankenstein, or the 8 bit Prometheus is DJ Balli’s latest sonic creature, released by Urbsounds in collaboration with MFZ Records. Stemming from the mashup book of the same name, published in Lisbon by Chilli Com Carne, the album is a tribute to the tradition of radio dramas. The music by L’Allievo (Samuele Maoloni, aka AcidZab) sets the tone for a wild ride through Mary Shelley’s masterpiece, as seen through the lenses of the most absurd electronic music underground.

NTS Radio’s Francesco Fusaro is the exotic Italian voice walking us through the music horrors caused by the Monster, a wretched mashup of incongruous music quotes, created the on-chip retro sound device by what critics think is the alter ego of Balli playing Game Boy solos on main tracks of this record. Speculations aside, Frankenstein, or the 8 bit Prometheus is a Bolognese-tasting tale of audio shenanigans that will oddly elicit your experiments with music seances and sound collages.

Dj Balli - The 8 bit Prometheus
Dj Balli – The 8 bit Prometheus

Ever taken part in a low-resolution seancè? All you need is a Game-Boy Classic equipped with LSDJ software, plug it via Game-Boy link cable to retro devices such as Nintendo’s Advance and Color. Hold the retro devices tight to create a circle. PLING! The renown Game Boy startup sound and following the voice of MC Shell8bit telling the tale of this different Frankenstein, the 8 bit Prometheus one.

All music created and composed by Dj Balli + L’Allievo + MC Shell8bit.

All graphics and design by Tobia Maschio

Release date 28th of January 2020