270° by Bartek | Digital + Cass

Bartek 270°

270° by Bartek. Machine music dedicated to “the lowest form of existence” (according to the first scientific research in 1749) – the sloths!

|||||| Specifically to my close friend whose spirit animal is a sloth and also to my tribe Lazy Bastards, who are my best sloths {watch out for pronunciation / not sluts, no} ||||||

Digital and audio cassette.

Cassettes are coming very soon (feb2023)

1. Risking life while pooping
Let’s start with an innocent death. The struggle was real. If you listen carefully, you notice that this one didn’t make it. Was it worth it?

2. Megatherium dance
In the sloth’s mythology, for thousands of years, they have told stories about their famous ancestors, who were huge, able to walk on the ground, and not fear the fucking jaguars. In mythology, they were even dancing.

This is just a straight middle finger to the jaguar female who killed the poor pooping one to feed her young ones. Just fuck off, bitch! Not on our watch!

4. Wasted energy
Another sad story. About the one climbing and reaching for leaves which weren’t worth it. He died with a full stomach, very close to the good ones.

5. 950 months in my fur
You know that feeling when you don’t care—smooth moves.

6. Don’t let the jaguar drag you down
This was a battle with a happy end. Inspiring story. Your tendons must be strong. Stay fit, focus, and stay sharp. This one defended himself and luckily fell from the tree into the water and swam away.

7. Spinning your head slowly at 270°
The feeling when you feel stronger and its caused by paranoid behavior.

This is about a gangsta alfa male sloth whose tendons had developed just fine. He feels no fear, just anger. 


All music by Bartek
Analog lo-fi mastering by Relay Mosh
Cover art and design Lucia Simkova

released December 12, 2022