Medzičasy by Daniel Kordik

Medzi​č​asy by Daniel Kordik | Digital + Cass

The album ‘Medzičasy‘ (which can be translated as ‘moments in between’) is a very personal work which I hope can also be a universal one. It explores those sonic terrains in which loose rhythms, melodies and man-made sounds melt together in one slow-moving sonic environment, intending to work like a snail shell where one can climb into and hide from the rush. When recording it, there was no urgency, no sense of a deadline, almost a state of timelessness. I hope that these emotions have been preserved in ‘Medzičasy‘ with the ability to initiate this sense of comfort and timelessness in all of its listeners.

Instruments used: modular synth & Korg SQ 10
Recorded in London


Music: Daniel Kordik
Mastering: Tobiaš Potočný

released November 30, 2022

Cassettes are in progress.