Daniel Kordik . Milos Krmicek – Selas | [ / ] no. 55

Daniel Kordik . Miloš Krmíček - Selas

When listening to Daniel Kordik and Milos Krmicek’s ep ‘Selas’, one feels the joy of discovering a new sonic palette.

Daniel Kordik . Milos Krmicek – Selas EP

Kordik (Jamka, Earshots Recordings, Next Festival) and Krmicek (Gottlieb, Milosko siesty, Nasladle Susienky) have known each other since their teen years. Their modular synth communications sound like a short excursion through electronic music history; from the pioneers of the 1960’s, through the British industrial music landscape of the 1980’s, and onto the masters of 90’s IDM.


The ep ‘Selas’ was recorded during the first wave of the pandemic, but it doesn’t sound depressing or apocalyptic. Kordik and Krmicek sent each other their recorded parts but refrained from overworking the music. Their contributions were recorded in one take with no additional overdubs or edits. These are the moments of music as they happened … and won’t happen again.

All music created by Daniel Kordik and Milos Krmicek
Mastering by RBNX
Cover art Jan Skalican

Selas EP was digitally released on 12th of April 2021.