Kragrowargkomn - TMA

Kragrowargkomn – TMA | [ / ] no.48

We are excited to work on the new album TMA by Kragrowargkomn.

“TMA” – darkness, gloom, void…

As such, darkness does not exist — it is merely a lack or absence of light. Abstract phenomena such as darkness or void are here and known to us, but we can never really perceive them.
Where there is an absence of harmony, euthymia, and melody, there is plenty of space for creeping doom rumbling, industrial bustle, and black metal dissonance turning music into a rough noise mass.


01 Tma [field recording by Murmer]
02 Ruch
03 Spad
04 Tlak [feat. El Muflono]
05 Hmyzy [feat. El Muflono]
06 Hluk [live in Tinta Social (HU) 2018]

Release Credits

All tracks composed and recorded
by Kragrowargkomn + featured artists

All tracks recorded in Room420 / Bratislava / Slovakia
except track 06 ‘Hluk’ – recorded live in ‘Tinta Social’

Field recordings in tracks 01 and 05 by Murmer

Mixing / Digital Mastering and
analog pre-master
by Kragrowargkomn && Rusty Wizzard Records

Cover desing and photography : Elvis Fledermaus

The release is scheduled to be out on 28th March 2020 and the same day will happen the Urbsounds label night and TMA release party in a4 Bratislava.

TMA will be released as tape, CD in digipack and download/stream.

Kragrowargkomn - TMA
CD and Tape preview