Urbanfailure – Incompatibl3 [video by Vj Wosa]

Urbanfailure - Incompatibl3 [video by Vj Wosa]

The video track Incompatibl3 is for Urbanfailure, a trip to new territories and a link to the distant past via track Compatible from his second album urban2NDfailure, from the year y2k.

Urbanfailure – Incompatibl3

Is the introduction of the new element enhancement or initiation of disintegration?
Chaos is the order and complexity of ever-changing variables creates our world an reality we are unable to saddle and tame.
Incompatible is also a product of the creative collaboration of two fools who enjoy not only walking on paved sidewalks.
Vj Wosa is a Bratislava Vj and Dj. He uses the Unreal Engine in his work.
As a Vj, he performs at the Urbsounds label events and the parties of the free techno sound system Lazy Bastards.
Video Vj Wosa
Music Urbanfailure
Photogrammetry Azad Balabanian
Cyber geisha model Oscar Creativo
Costumes František Radačovský
Mastering Julien Stazma