Monika Subrtova – Omnia | [ / ] no. 50

Monika Subrtova - Omnia

Monika Subrtova

is the London based, Slovakian electronica producer who is also half of the Jamka projects with Daniel Kordik. This EP marks her debut solo outing, offering another facet to her work beyond the mechanoid chimeras of techno, industrial muscularity, and polyvalent modular synthesis found within Jamka’s lauded works.

Monika Subrtova – Omnia

Omnia EP

An extension of a commission for Slovak Radio, OMNIA sports three tracks of slipstream techno with a polished veneer of mid-tempo sequencing that slide through recombinant variations on the themes. The moderate pace allows for these pieces of to breathe with an effortless sway to the melody on “/.//” that updates the cold perfection of Conrad Schnitzler’s “Ballet Mechanique.” Hints of Coil’s moon musik lurk in the elegantly produced “//./” Subtrova teases out one arpeggiated texture after another in the rather majestic finale “///.”. Fans of the rhythmic offerings from Janushoved and Berhgain-era Vatican Shadow would be well served with OMNIA.


Music by Monika Subrtova
Mastered by Gabriel Séverin at Laboratoire Central, Brussels
Artwork by Vladimira Pcolova

Releases October 30, 2020