Ipomea, E.M. and orqan - tape duplication

Transitions to Absence – Ipomea, E.M. and orqan – 3 way split | [ / ] no. 52

Ipomea, E.M. and orqan

are three projects of non-conventional noise hailing from Italy, joining forces for the first time in this Transitions to Absence 3-way split tape.

Ipomea, E.M. and orqan 3 way split
Transitions to Absence – Ipomea, E.M. and orqan 3 way split cover art

Transitions to Absence

Transitions to Absence its a one way trip to the nothingness: five different transitions, from the Aztecan myths told by Ipomea, to the internal process of facing a loss described by E.M., filled with chemistry references or actual musical transitions provided by orqan. Five episodes about this topic creating altogether a transition itself. The sonic material it’s various but somehow cohesive, with a hybrid approach between digital and analogic harsh noise, sometimes improvised otherwise composed.

Ipomea, E.M. and orqan
Transitions to Absence – tape duplication

E. M.

focuses on an abrasive mix of power electronics involving heavy synthesizer work fused with abused contact mics sounds. The overall mixture results in a heavy mass of grief pointing to express the ultimate cognition of losing a loved one.


tracks are built around three heavy-manipulated impro-sessions. The guitar-driven Soundcheck, the hidden conversations in Weak acid part III or the blasting noise edit of #lunga are good examples of their sound, based on instruments processed with a cascade of effects to create a unique sound palette.


(θεός βρῶμα – food of Gods) shows the more digital side of the album, recombining various sound sources from synthesis to soundscape records, creating this dynamic but melodic piece composed by Ipomea, the mysterious noise project focused on giving voice to plants.

Releases 28th of December 2020 on tape and digital.