Urbanfailure – Radical Rest | [ / ] no. 42 (Red vinyl)

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Urbanfailure – Radical Rest LP

limited edition of 292 transparent red vinyl LP.

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Urbanfailure – Radical Rest LP | [ / ] no. 42

Slovakia’s urbanfailure pursues an abstracted, cybernetic electronica by way of synths and hardware in crafting a barrage of machined rhythm and terse eruptions of noise.
Radical Rest is a milestone

album for urbanfailure, as these live skills have been honed within the controlled environment of the studio. Cybernetic tendrils of raw electricity erupt and collapse along these unstable spines of rhythm. Bold in execution and dynamic in content, Radical Rest is a vibrant synthesis of error, emptiness, and raw energy, with parallels emergent in Chu Ishikawa’s Testuo, The Iron Man soundtracks, the Lagowski productions for GPR, and the final fruits from Pan Sonic.