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Urbanfailure`s Random Shadows EP reviewed by Wire in recent issue no. 396. Thanks!
Urbanfailure`s Random Shadows EP reviewed by Wire in recent issue no. 396
Thanks for nice review in issue number 1029/week 17 of Vital Weekly

URBANFAILURE - RANDOM SHADOWS (7" lathe cut by Sky Burial Productions/Urb Sounds)

A highly limited lathe cut 7" recorded by Urbanfailure, who ever that might be, and apparently the three pieces on this 7" are all live recorded, which is actually a great achievement.

urbanfailure in short text by The Blank Stare

Urbanfailure a.k.a. Michal Lichy╠ü is a stable member of the Bratislava's experimental scene, with productions dating back to 2001. Being one of the founders of Urbsounds, rooted in the D.I.Y. punk and noise scene, he appreciates the dirty concrete reality that Bratislava has to offer, using it as an object of inspiration. This muse is definitely noticeable in his pure hw improvisations with features of techno, noise, and other music genres, sometimes peeking out from the endless  jam, causing a never-ending audio surprise. One of the most underrated musicians of Bratislava's experimental scene deserves recognition from his contemporaries listeners and producers alike - not only for his non-traditional and uncompromising attitude, but also for his good quality and inspirational production.


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urbanfailure is a one man project... I started to explore electronic sound fields in 1996 via computer and Impulse Tracker in 1997 i recorded my first tape called 'Try It'. As i started to play live i slowly moved from computer based setup to HW. UF is open to play or collaborate with everybody if some conditions meet. i prefer to be closer to people who i am playing with. it is personal, with some past and feelings. i try to play what i like, but sometimes it might happen i do not. things go their way. i do what – where – how i live – feel – do. no melodies but sounds are what i like. it is still an open field to fill – create – reconstruct – play or recycle. structures – rhythms – atmosphere are mirrors of – i call space – energy mostly dark – no happy shape – look from the other side – my own distorted view. i can not change myself – no sorry – but if you understand you know ...   
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