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kordik / Photo by Andrej Chudy

Daniel Kordik is a musician and performer, born in Bratislava / Slovakia and currently based in London.

Weaving a thread around electronic and improvised music, kordik works mainly as an improviser, music collaborator, field recordist and a regular member of the duo Jamka and Urbsounds Collective. He plays regurarly in an improvised duo with the trombonist Edward Lucas.

Photo by Andrej Chudy

Upcomig events

Monday 24th, October 2016, Cafe OTO, London  (KILT album launch)
18th November 2016 - 24th November, Czechoslovak mini tour (as Jamka)
Saturday 3rd, December 2016, Mopomoso Festival, Iklectik Lab, London
February 19th 2017, Cafe OTO (+ Raum-Zeit, Maoupa Mazzochetti) - as Jamka (more info soon)


Recent Releases
  KILT - Electroacoustics Improvisations   Jamka Inter Alia 
KILT trio  (CD/ DIgital)                       Inter Alia (Vynil / digital) as Jamka duo