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Northquake Aliens Concert

Northquake Aliens Concert (05/04/2003)
Organized by Urbsounds for Northquake Aliens Tour

05.04.2003 Northquake Aliens Tour - cajovna v podzemi/sd j.hronca a.k.a. bernolak

start 19.00 end 22.00

ÄQUATORKÄLTE - spheric guitar-drones (rostock/sensitive wormrile rec.):
stephan also play in a crustpunk band called wojczech which was touring
southeastasia last january and he`s the bassplayer of avantgarde/noise project The
Jack of all Trades which was made the soundtrack for 2 theatreproductions... for
more infos check the interesting website: www.sensitivewormrile.net

G.LAS - oriental cut-up/crank electronics (rostock/ms stubnitz): gunnar is
living and working on culture ship MS Stubnitz www.stubnitz.com. good and
informative facts at: www.sensitivewormrile.net DISCOTHEQUE GRÖNLAND - dark lisning bstrd/crackling ambient
(eberswalde/stillstand): former of small label STILLSTAND: www.stillstand.net

NIEMAND - video art performance (rostock/montagsbar): heiko also from
rostock is running the famous Montagsbar-a small cellar-based bar which is a nice
location for small experimental performances. he did a video-documentation
about the southeastasia-tour of wojczech and was run the video-lab on MS

Stubnitz. - he will support our gigs with video-cuts and small films.
urbsounds crew also think that this could be another one interesting event, everybody is invited...


After ...this great event it`s juts past, it`s a shame that only about 20 people was there...,
for me it was one of the best gig what we organized >
great sound and music, and very interesting visual art...very big thanx to northquake
crew for this evening...