09 Aug 07 ::

ears chewing satisfunction

ears chewing satisfunction ~music *not music event  in subclub/bratislava ears chewing satisfunction

9.8.07 ears chewing satisfunction by urbsounds
22.00 subclub bratislava
vstup 130sk/4eur v cene je cd kompilacia so skladbami zucastnenych interpretov


–štvrtkový večer 09.08.2007 sa ponesie v znamení drones. v bratislavskom subclube sa totiž koná ďalšia ears chewing satisfunction by urbsounds. drones z pásiek a spätných väzieb rozozvučia nemeckí cones. ich krajania datashock odprezentujú psychadelic. alebo psycho drones? keď jam, tak heavy – s týmito slovami nemeckú trojku uzatvára okrem iného aj heavy-jammer marcel turkowsky. downtempo illbreakz z drones naláme popradský prln a to že drones sú aj pre metalistov, dobre vedia domáci mud woodstone. po doznení drones zaručene prebudí freetek/jungle/breakcore diskotéka v réžii maraki/tzx, zayo & wrlds/pko. za cenu 130sk vám k lístku pribalíme aj cd s ďalšími drones. skúste sa rozpamatať aké slovo sa najčastejšie

zopakovalo v tomto texte..

x: ..nozdre?

Line Up:

21.30 doors open

PRLN – poprad – downtempo Illbreakz
23.00  Marcel Türkowsky – berlin – heavy jam
23.20  Datashock – germany – psych drone
23.50  Cones – berlin/hamburg – tape and feedback
00.10 Mud Woodstone – filthy blues ~ metal ~ elektronika
00.30 maraki – junglecore

djs sets:
01.30 TZX crew – jungle
03.00 zayo – prekvapenie

05.00 …doors closed



Datashock is the German Grusel Folk collective seized in a free psych droneband. The compositions are totally free form psychedelic improvisations. After releases on cdr and cassette – that show an evolution from noise, drones to psych – they have found a sound somewhere between Tangerine Dream and Sunburned. You can call it crap we call it “psycheledic post-grusel-krautfolk"
Lp on the Textile (December 2007) and Qbico Records in the future. They will be also a collaboration 12" with Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff also known as Nadja ready for the Tour.

.musician.improviser.fieldrecordist.experimenter.tapemanipulator.heavy jammer.obsesser with and across the arts. His lives and works are a series of stories, bound between contexts, from the city to the country, over all the sounding swamps. Defender of accident. Lover of happening.
Moving through Türkowsky s intense life performances, over to playing various instruments with special care for self build objects, contact mic, tapediaries, toys and the prepared electric bass he has marked himself as a musician and soundartist which intersects composition, free improvisation, noise, magic, minimalism, drone and singer songwriter howls in variable ways. His work always focusses on expanding the possibilities of sound through an exploratory approach to duration, silence, timbre and performance. He also gets quite often lost in collaboration works involved in the visual arts sector for soundinstallations and is alway up for a new challenge."

Cones is alive by Marcel Türkowsky (Kinn, UUHUU) & Ulf Schütte (Aosuke, Shivers, Datashock) Their music combines a parade of burlesque musicalia with the underwater travels of a submarine way deep under the sea and more concrete places like walking along howling swamps and forestlike playgrounds. In the mix are fieldrecordings, tapememories, lofi electronics and feedbacktwisters for second look into narrativ and abstract sonic tales.

press kit (slovak press text, banners, flayer, poster)

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