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here you will find many of older live tracks and release for free download

     chewed laboratory/ january 2010 
recorded live performance from music laboratory meets ears chewing on tour party in a4 bratislava 23.1.2010 | urbanfailure chewed laboratoryogg ~38,8MB, 26min. | thanks to Tobias for recording    

     utopie moderni Zlin/ may 2009
great place for event very nice old fashion silo #131 and 6 sixth floor dedicated for party elevator and whole place ware very enjoyable, here it is recorded live urbanfailure_live220utopie_Z0509   | .ogg ~77,5MB| 22.05.2009 |this time minimalistic and less dirty 🙂
big thanks to whole crew for organizing this!
urbanfailure ~ live at utopie moderny zlin
pic by bbt ~ thanks! 

    vermin trashin`the_core/ march 2009
recorded live set from vermin party in subclub bratislava 21.3.2009 | urbanfailure _trashin`the_core | .ogg 44,5MB

    naozzay deaf /feb 2009
…this track was recorded live in Naozzay Club in Nitra/Slovakia at 14.2.2009 by urbanfailure > > naozzay deaf
~ 23min, .ogg, 32,7 MB
thanks to waldemar for inviting me and for  organizing this event, and to 3 bratislava friends for support 🙂

    vermin failured /2008
next live record from vermin 2 event, subclub/bratislava 1.11.2008 vermin failured by urbanfailure ~38MB, .ogg, 27~min. 

    vermin undead /2008
track was recorded live on vermin event in subclub – bratislava at 26.4.2008, enjoy vermin undead by urbanfailure ~23min. .ogg – 32MB

    cold coded /2006
forgotten track which sounds cold … [ – recorded in petrzalka/bratislava 

    urban2ndfailure /2000
urban2ndfailure /2000– new inspiration – differrent tools – more skills – more clean rhythms – more work with details – for somebody black for others white for me a next step. i am sure i like it 

01. erythro [4,1MB]
02. some chemicals are not so bad [2,2MB]
03. compatible [4,3MB]
04. not so old echoes [2,9MB]
05. phonophobia [5,4MB]
06. minimal flyght [9,9MB]
fronf cover and back cover
released by urbanfailure as cd-r, autumn y2k

    try it /1997
urbanfailure_try it my first release C-60 try it – it was fun to find the impulse tracker and forget the guitar. i started to discover new places in myself – new tools to express. poor sound – noisy shape of rhythm – some ideas i still like and one song for tobias. fucking remote past after all these years but still real

1. try it [32.5MB]
2. storm [4MB]
3. on way [5.5MB]
4. D for you T [20.8MB]
5. endless

recorded and released by urbanfailure in_1997

one and other of covers