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2011 ENG

The style of Urbanfailure is ultra-abstract sound-art consisting of microsounds and discreet rhythm textures. Despite the fact that this isn't meant to be catchy, there are something quite cool about the rhythmic structures of Urbanfailure. Very cold but also hypnotizing thanks to the complex pallet of strange noises coming in and out during playtime.

Live noise deconstruction while structure construction, synthesis of feelings and realization where concept is also a way to use sound as opinion.

Urbanfailure is a one man project… He started to explore electronic sound fields in 1996 via computer and Impulse Tracker in 1997 he recorded his first tape called 'Try It'. As he started to play live he moved from computer based setup to HW. Actual setup is based on synths, drum machine and pedals.

Member of Slovakian Urbsounds Collective and Vermin party crew.



2009 SVK

~ lo fi techno thrash nazivo alebo zvukový príbeh o tom ako _ počujem system error asi ho spôsobil elektromagnetický omyl, aj ja som dnes stretol bug technológie bola to zbytočne použitá energia. Radšej nech urbanfailure skúsi dekonštrukciu hluku spolu s konštrukciou štruktúr. Moja syntéza pocitov snaha o transformáciu zažitých obrazov. Realizácia predstáv je tiež cesta použiť zvuk ako názor. TV tvoj digitálny puding hrozienka ako analógový paradox deformujúci skutočnosť? skús už nato nemyslieť, aká bude minulosť!
 urbanfailure live
I heard system fault it was likely caused by electromagnetic error and today I encountered bug of technology pointless used of energy. I’d rather let urbanfailure try to deconstruct noise while constructing structure. My synthesis of feelings endeavors to transform rooted images. The realization of this concept is also a way to use sound as opinion. Your TV digital pudding raisins as an analog paradox deforming reality? Try not to think about what the past will be like!
Der Fehler im System: Seit Ende 1997 inhaliert Urbanfailure_ die elektromagnetischen Ausdünstungen der Slowakei, die Festplatten-vernichtende Schlacke hämmernder Beats und Gehirnaufweichender Drones. Industrialisierte Lo-Fi-Sounds als Rhythmendekonstruktion, manchmal mutieren sie zu Maschinisten und ihre Kisten entwickeln bruitistisches Eigenleben für das weitverzweigte Urb-Soundkollektiv straight outta Bratislava. (HD)
SoundBridges/skug.at, march 2005
urbanfailure`s rhytmical construction could cause an granny`s heart arythmia. sometimes lo-fi techno trasher, sometimes experienced rhythm deconstructor, his musical performance is a journey of self-organization. with his own words: 'I try to play what i like, but sometimes things go their way.' yeah, pretty sure and it`s a killer.
ears chewing satisfunction[12.2.2005] press info, february 2005 [by gnd]

urbanfailure live

 urbanfailure live
urbanfailure live
pics by Waldemar ~ thanks