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Urbanfailure - Radical Rest LP

You don’t see a lot of equipment endorsement thanks on record sleeves but here, on the LP by Slovakia’s Urbanfailure, there is one and goes out to modular electronics producer Gotharman in Denmark. They create stuff that I have no idea how they work, and which are aksi beyond my budget. The previous release I heard by Urbanfailure (see Vital Weekly 1029) was all recorded live, but this time there is no such mention on the cover. There are thirteen pieces on this release, so one could conclude these pieces are rather short, which they are, and while short they owe much to the world of techno music. Raw techno music and never too long is what Urbanfailure does here. The music is dirty and loud. Apparently it is a combination of hardware synthesizers and granular synthesis, and Pan Sonic and everything that came beyond inspires it. Sometimes Urbanfailure’s music is much more techno than on other places, but throughout it is seriously fucked up music.

Urbanfailure - Radical Rest
Urbanfailure – Radical Rest

This is not something that would go down well on a dance floor I would think unless you would cut out a loop and keep that playing for a while. It’s too chaotic in its organization to be true dance music. Industrial music of the particular brand that uses a lot of harsh rhythms, Esplendor Geometrico or Le Syndicat spring to this particular mind is also a place that Urbanfailure touches upon. This is music that is best enjoyed when played loud, probably much louder than your neighbors would allow you to. There is some excellent energy vibing of this record, which refreshed me very much.

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