Medusa reviewed by Frans de Waard

Dead Janitor - Medusa - LP black

… partly crazy dance music

Braňo Findrik is the man behind Dead Janitor and so far he has released his music through digital channels. ‘Medusa’ is his first LP and my introduction into his sound world. Dead Janitor is a man of electronic music, taking his inspiration from Aphex Twin and Autechre. I am no fan of Autechre, I must admit. Their music leaves me entirely cold. Lots of software treatments over some stutter beats. It is something I hear also in the music of Dead Janitor. There are several rhythms at work in the same place, and on top of that, there is a whole range of digital and analogue sounds that come along. It is not always without melody, which is nice. Sometimes the music very much fucked up, in neck breaking speed (in ‘Mandatory’ for instance); for me, things worked best if it all a bit more spaced out, such as in ‘Mass’.

Dead Janitor - Medusa
Medusa LP by Dead Janitor

Maybe I just can handle sonic overload that easily? Especially when it has so many different rhythms at the same time. Tracks are kept concise and to the point, often exploring a few things but not overstepping it, with the sudden introduction of new elements. I enjoyed most of this; especially, as said, when he keeps things a lot simpler. I am not sure what he wants with this music. It doesn’t seem to be aiming at the dance floor, but perhaps it does? Maybe this is partly listening to music and partly crazy dance music. It is not entirely my cup of tea, yet I feel it is all made with some great passion for odd time signatures and complex sound structures, of course, topped with fine production quality.

Review by Frans de Waard for VitalWeekly issue 1185