Uncle Grasha’s Flying Circus – Ost | [ / ] no. 54

Uncle Grasha’s Flying Circus – Ost

the upcoming album „Ost,“ to be launched in late Spring 2021. Vinyl edition will be co-released by Aesthetic Death (UK), Urbsounds (Slovakia), Grom&Lord records (Switzerland), Véva records (Czechia) and Debila records (Slovenia)

“Ost is third full-length UGFC calling
a deep emotional spin of Willhelm Grasslich’s heart at last
a reflection, litany, and the myth
a struggle, salute, and surrender
Ost is mother, cradle, and the grave
Ost is a promise
or just a bleak vision
This sadness makes you feel
that East is the Best
and always will be”

Uncle Grasha’s Flying Circus – Ost

Ost is to be the third album of UGFC and will represent the most emotional sound palette in the history of this project…and probably the darkest one

hüzün horns revive the concept of deep existential sadness in the cathartic permeation with Kon Ichikawa’s old war movies This time you will float on heavy drones to reach the edge of the deepest state of spiritual and volitional collapse. This sadness makes you feel that East is the best and always will be!

Uncle Grasha’s Flying Circus aka UGFC

is drone/industrial/noise project based on surreal imaginary, “eastern” visions and apocalyptical manifests of unquiet sonic artist Willhelm Grasslich. Avantgarde and propaganda fascinations and the topics of war, power relations, religions, ideologies, painful historical legacies etc. shape the palette of its inspiration and articulation. Dedicated to Kon Ichikawa

Special thanks to

Sáloš, Jan Kruml, Obstík/Usnu?, Tosper, Karolina Válová, Marek Juřica, Wajt, NBDY, Janele z Liků

Dedicated to

Yoon Yong-Gyu
Kon Ichikawa
Nikolai Kryukov
Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen
London Air Defence Area organisation
Ivo Balaďa
Anton Pavlovich Chekhov
and to all eastern mothers who lost their children


Recorded in Willhelm’s Eastern studio
Kettle drums recorded by Ondřej Ježek/Jamor studio
Drones of “Mother Lied” recorded at Underdog’s venue, Prague
Field recordings were taken in the Old Venetian Fortress of Korfu
Mastered by Ralzeil_de_Vires
Album art by Tereza Žižková and Willhelm Grasslich

The inlay card picture is taken from the xylograph “The Combat” by Otto Matoušek (1890-1977)