Daniel Kordik . Miloš Krmíček - Selas

Daniel Kordik . Milos Krmicek – Selas | [ / ] no. 55

When listening to Daniel Kordik and Milos Krmicek’s ep ‘Selas’, one feels the joy of discovering a new sonic palette. Daniel Kordik . Milos Krmicek – Selas EP Kordik (Jamka, Earshots Recordings, Next Festival) and Krmicek (Gottlieb, Milosko siesty, Nasladle Susienky) have known each other since their teen years. Their modular synth communications sound like […]

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Dead Janitor - Pendulum

Dead Janitor – Pendulum | [ / ] no. 53

Dead Janitor presents his new album Pendulum after the steadily produced Medusa LP in 2019. Dead Janitor – Pendulum In Pendulum Dead Janitor uses an arsenal of pixelated breakbeats, stuttering samples, and soundscapes to create an adventurous form of polyrhythmic electronica. Your ears will be pleased by complex IDM experiences that reveal hidden patterns and […]

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Uncle Grasha’s Flying Circus – Ost

Uncle Grasha’s Flying Circus – Ost | [ / ] no. 54

the upcoming album „Ost,“ to be launched in late Spring 2021. Vinyl edition will be co-released by Aesthetic Death (UK), Urbsounds (Slovakia), Grom&Lord records (Switzerland), Véva records (Czechia) and Debila records (Slovenia) “Ost is third full-length UGFC callinga deep emotional spin of Willhelm Grasslich’s heart at lasta reflection, litany, and the mytha struggle, salute, and […]

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Monika Subrtova - Omnia

Monika Subrtova – Omnia | [ / ] no. 50

Monika Subrtova is the London based, Slovakian electronica producer who is also half of the Jamka projects with Daniel Kordik. This EP marks her debut solo outing, offering another facet to her work beyond the mechanoid chimeras of techno, industrial muscularity, and polyvalent modular synthesis found within Jamka’s lauded works. Omnia EP An extension of […]

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Hlukar - Neuromeditation

Hlukar – Neuromeditation | [ / ] no. 49

Are you sick of traditional hippie meditations? Do you want to puke when you see a local shaman trying to explain to you that you have to enlarge your x.o.x chakra? I have a solution for you. This new method is called Neuromeditation. Meditate with noise and hatred in your heart. Hlukar – Neuromeditation by […]

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Kragrowargkomn - TMA

Kragrowargkomn – TMA | [ / ] no.48

We are excited to work on the new album TMA by Kragrowargkomn. “TMA” – darkness, gloom, void… As such, darkness does not exist — it is merely a lack or absence of light. Abstract phenomena such as darkness or void are here and known to us, but we can never really perceive them. Where there […]

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Venta Protesix - Loneliness And Deviancy

Venta Protesix – Loneliness And Deviancy

The new album Loneliness And Deviancy by VENTA PROTESIX was released on the 18th of October 2019. Loneliness And Deviancy | [ / ] no. 46 by Venta Protesix What happened to Venta Protesix? In this new album, the sound seems completely different from his previous works out for Urbsounds. It looks like Venta Protesix […]

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