Urbsounds in Studio, Bratislava 2011

urbsounds collective

Urbsounds Collective are four musicians from Slovakia who decided to create a platform for experimental electronic music in Slovakia. Daniel Kordik, Michal Lichy, Monika Subrtova, and Tobias Potocny founded the Urbsounds Collective in 2001 in Bratislava as the outcome of their friendship, shared interests, views, and love for music. They are the post/communist DIY and punk generation that took initiative in their own hands and rather than saying no to the industrial and suburban areas of their home town they decided to approach it as a source of inspiration that could easily be transformed into their music. Stark, harsh, grey, uncompromising and chilling, yet elegant and rewarding, these could be the attributes to describe not only the Slovakian urban landscapes but also the Collective’s music and work.

Urbsounds Collective is active in various fields. Apart from being musicians (jamka, rbnx, urbanfauilure, urbsounds), they run a label putting out their own music and organize various events promoting experimental electronic music (Sound Laboratories, Ears Chewing Satisfunction, Voltage Controlled Cuisine). In recent years Urbsounds Collective started working closely with the designer and VJ artist Vladimira Pcolova. Being a great artist and a very good friend of the Collective Vladimira has become the Collective’s designer.

As of today the members of Urbsounds Collective have released numerous albums, participated in various compilations, and performed at various galleries, clubs, and festivals (Digitopia/Slovakia, Multiplace/Slovakia, Next/Slovakia, Alternativa/Czech Republic, Stimul/Czech Republic, Electric Rain/Ireland, Resistance Festival/Great Britain, RX-TX/Slovenia, Grim Electronicittà/France).

Urbsounds Collective, November 2011, Bratislava

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