The new album Endless Incapacitating Discomfort by Venta Protesix will be released at 23rd August 2018 as CD and download.

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new album Endless Incapacitating Discomfort by Venta Protesix

New album Endless Incapacitating Discomfort by Venta Protesix

What can we say about a new Venta Protesix album?

What we’re facing is yet again another test of courage for the listeners that are about to approach something that has been regarded as one of the most problematic, annoying, and, in some ways, unlistenable forms of music ever.

But don’t expect to find only the same old extreme ear-destroying noise outbursts though. Inside Endless Incapacitating Discomfort there’s a lot more than this. It goes from violent digital fake black-metal of Post-Masturbatory Suicide to the absolutely not danceable futuristic dance against get-togethers composed for solitary androids of Robot Arousal Experiment and Existential Failure, to the most alienating and isolationist IDM of the title track Endless Incapacitating Discomfort, to the melancholic and dreamy feels for the cutest and most sensitive girls of Her Keyboard Drowned In Tears. In the midst of all this you’ll also find the usual malaise in the shape of a more glacial and autistic digital noise. Everything strictly composed with just one laptop – as always.
No mastering has been made for these tracks. It would have been useless like in the end all music is.


Cover art: Tissue.Hunter

All tracks by Venta Protesix.

Track Glacial Facial featuring Ayako Shirai

releases August 23, 2018