Venta Protesix – Loneliness And Deviancy | Pre-Order released

Venta Protesix - Loneliness And Deviancy

The new album Loneliness And Deviancy by VENTA PROTESIX are going to be released on the 18th of October 2019.

What happened to Venta Protesix?

In this new album, the sound seems completely different from his previous works out for Urbsounds. It looks like Venta Protesix is back to forge, with the help of his laptop, those sounds that were part of his early works of 2007-2008.

Venta Protesix – Loneliness And Deviancy

In Loneliness And Deviancy, the incommunicability permeates the atmosphere of this new album.

You will find it hard to track down his anger and his unlistenable noises in tracks like Staring At The Flowing Lukewarm Water or Dreaming Of An Artificial Hymen. At the same time, in Emotionless Intercourse Part 1 or in Morning Depressive Anxiety you will feel like you’ve been thrown into aseptic cybernetic rooms where there is no physical contact and no words between humans.

Venta Protesix – Loneliness And Deviancy
Venta Protesix – Loneliness And Deviancy

But don’t get fooled, because after listening to this album you’ll find out that Venta Protesix is ready to inject you other doses of cold binary codes transposed into the domestic noise of one laptop. Tracks like Victim Of Online Narcissism or the draining and exhausting final part of Emotionless Intercourse Part 2 testify as to that. We are in front of the most intimate work of this strange laptop noiser from the South of Italy.

Venta Protesix – Emotionless intercourse part 1

All tracks recorded, de-composed and edited by Venta Protesix with a windows OS laptop.
Mastered by James Plotkin
Artwork and layout by David Genchi

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