Urbanfailure + Kragrowargkomn live at IFEM 2019

Urbanfailure and Kragrowargkomn play live at IFEM 2019 for more info please visit official festival page. IMAGO SONORIS | Lost Memories Experimental Studio Bratislava presents IMAGO SONORIS | Lost MemoriesBONSAI GARDEN: Christian Callon | Differen Music :: Milan Adamčiak | Opak je pravdou :: Brian May (Queen) | Who Wants to Live Forever :: John […]

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Urbanfailure - Radical Rest

Radical Rest reviewed by

Roady, cybernetic and abstract The electronics of the Slovakian Michal Lichý, aka Urbanfailure, is roady, cybernetic and abstract. An artist working on the scene from the end of the nineties. He produces a rapid series of raw rhythms and multiform sequences, sounds made possible thanks to the use of tools such as synthesizers, drum machines […]

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Dead Janitor - Medusa - LP black

Medusa reviewed by Frans de Waard

… partly crazy dance music Braňo Findrik is the man behind Dead Janitor and so far he has released his music through digital channels. ‘Medusa’ is his first LP and my introduction into his sound world. Dead Janitor is a man of electronic music, taking his inspiration from Aphex Twin and Autechre. I am no […]

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Medusa release party

Next Urbsounds label night will happen at 7th of May 2019 at club Fuga/Bratislava. At this time party will host various artist from our local scene. Party will celebrate new release Medusa by Dead Janitor. Vritti Improvised electronic music project from Bratislava, consisting of Peter Kerekes and Slavo Krekovic. Vritti are transformations of the contents […]

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Urbanfailure - Radical Rest LP

Reality Slip video by GND

Reality Slip video by GND Music by Urbanfailure Video by gnd @ For best experience watch in HD (1440p) or download here: (mp4, 2.5 GB) More about Urbanfailure – Radical Rest LP or you can buy LP in our shop.

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MeiZhiyong Dave Phillips story of friendship

MeiZhiyong Dave Phillips LP review by Eskaton

MeiZhiyong Dave Phillips LP grew out of a European tour This album grew out of a European tour that Dave Phillips put together for Mei Zhiyong in reciprocation for a Chinese tour that Mei Zhiyong had helped orchestrate for Dave Phillips. Despite not speaking each other’s language, they decided to work together through music. I […]

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Jamka - Inter Alia

Jamka – Inter Alia reviewed

I was unfamiliar with this London-based duo of Monika Subrtova and Daniel Kordik, but the label calls this album “the latest evidence of their patient, intimate relationship with their analogue machines. From the start there’s a sense of event – we encounter clear, interlaced electronic textures, powerful analogue drones and well-placed beats.” From the opening […]

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